If Canada’s Rogers wants Apple’s iPhone, they’ll face pressure to stop fleecing customers

“The iPhone will hit Europe this week, and at prices that are likely to put pressure on Rogers Communications Inc. to cut its cellphone rates if it wants to be the carrier that eventually brings the popular device to Canada,” Catherine McLean reports for The Globe and Mail Update.

“European carriers will offer service plans that start at the equivalent of $70 a month. A rough calculation based on Rogers’ current fees for its existing cellphone services indicates that similar features are more than double the price here, based on the cheapest plan. With some other data plans for Rogers’ cellphones, customers could rack up bills of hundreds, or conceivably thousands, of dollars,” McLean reports.

“Apple wants to see the iPhone reach millions of consumers, and high rates in Canada could interfere with that goal,” McLean reports.

“Wireless carriers in the United States, Britain and Germany had to adjust their packages of services to get the opportunity to sell the coveted iPhone. So the phone’s arrival in Canada may not be entirely up to Apple. Rogers may have to make concessions, either by slashing data prices or finally embracing the idea of WiFi for cellphones,” McLean reports.

“There’s a reason carriers are willing to make such adjustments. The iPhone is the most talked-about cellphone in history, creating instant buzz around a carrier’s brand. Time magazine just crowned the iPhone the year’s best invention,” McLean reports.

“With companies that introduce the iPhone, the biggest change is the way services are bundled. At AT&T and O2, voice minutes and data services are packaged together for one flat price, instead of forcing users to cobble together different plans. T-Mobile combines a plan with cellular data and WiFi hot spots for the first time. And the rates for these plans are very appealing,” McLean reports.

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Leave it to Apple to cure the insanity of Canada’s outrageous mobile phone rates.


  1. MacDailyNews Take: Leave it to Apple to cure the insanity of Canada’s outrageous mobile phone rates.

    Well…here’s hoping!

    OTOH. Broadcom has got there stuff onto 1 chip finally, so perhaps we will see iPhones on something besides GSM. I would like to see what Telus could do with an iPhone that works with CDMA. Bell can go pound sand. Or beavers, if you have seen their commercials lately.

    MW-word. how weird is that?

  2. time for Rogers to get a clue

    when I first got my Treo 650 a few years ago, they charged $30/month for 3MB (that’s right, megabytes!) of data, on top of a consumer voice plan. just think of the web pages you could browse with that (not that the Blazer browser in the Treo is worth using)

    it’s better now, but not by much – e.g. $10/month for a whopping 10MB of data.

    the business plans may be better, but their pricing plans are so complex it’s impossible to figure out.

  3. I was in my local Rogers shop yesterday. I keep naging the poor bugger into telling me what he knew about the date of the release. I get the feeling that they are getting tired of the same questions all the time. He was ready to toss me out of the store!!! And he said that if I brought an unlock iPhone to them today, they would gladly put a sim card in it for me….. They’ve done it twice in that place in the last month.

  4. Macromancer:

    I heard a company tried that years ago but the satellites were made of a dense, very hard, brittle, silvery-white transition metal of the platinum family causing the whole network to collapse. Yeah, that was it.

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  5. “The satellite company that tried it was Iridium. It was an ambitious goal. However, in my opinion, it was killed by poor management.”

    Uh, yeah that was sorta the thing I was going for there ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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