Should Apple start offering Windows-based Macs?

“What could/should Apple do to take sales and profits to the next level? Simple. Release an Apple branded Windows-based PC. I know, I know, this kind of talk is bound to upset the hardened Apple fanatic, but it makes perfect sense. One of the things that’s undoubtedly helped boost Mac sales is Boot Camp. Now there’s no punishment for switching platforms because you can take your old platform with you, but just as some people got tired of paying the Microsoft tax when they wanted a PC to run Linux on it, people who want Apple hardware in order to run Windows on it will eventually see the Mac OS as an Apple tax. Why doesn’t Jobs and the crew at Cupertino just skip that whole Apple tax step and offer customers a choice of operating systems. Since Windows is the dominant OS at present, that’s a good place to start, but if Apple really wants to offer the customer real choice, Linux would also be great,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes blogs for ZDNet.

“If Apple really wants to rock investors and take profits to the next level, it should start offering Windows-based Macs. Profits would skyrocket, Apple would enter an existing market and shake it up, investors would be happy because Apple’s market share would explode and everyone would be happy,” Kingsley-Hughes writes.

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Why doesn’t BMW just start offering vehicles with 3-cylinder Suzuki engines? Kingsley-Hughes obviously doesn’t get it: Windows tries to be an upside-down and ass-backwards fake Mac; and an older Mac, at that. Based on history, one would imagine that Apple CEO Steve Jobs thinks Windoze is a bad rip-off of his own company’s OS, perpetrated and inflicted upon the world by Bill Gates. The very last thing that an Apple headed by Steve Jobs would ever do would be to execute Kingsley-Hughes’ dopey, wrong-headed lunacy.

The world made a mistake with Windows. They must be educated; and, slowly, they are learning. Windows is junk compared to Mac OS X. Frustrating, uninspiring, derivative junk. Offering junk when you have a vastly superior product is not a recipe for success.

Boot Camp exists to provide a “Windows Insecurity Blanket” for the ignorant masses. It is an educational tool. It embraces junk in order to ultimately extinguish it. Boot Camp entices the Windows-only sufferers and quickly teaches them via simple comparison that, contrary to their belief, they do not need Windows and that they greatly prefer Macintosh.


  1. HELL NO!
    These freaks just don’t get it. Apple does not release junk. Windows is junk. And by the way Apple does offer choice. They are the only ones who do! Apple is not all about profits. They are about product.

  2. HOLY COW!
    I can’t believe someone seriously wrote that piece. That’s obviously someone who has never used a Mac to see WHY they are selling like they are. That has got to be the most ridiculous article I’ve ever seen.

    Magic Word: Covered
    as in “This idea is COVERED in Bull CRAP”

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