RUMOR: Apple iPhone coming to Canada in two weeks

“ has learned from an inside source at Holt Renfrew that the luxury retailer will have the iPhone in about two weeks,” Christopher Hogg reports for Digital Journal.

“We have to say this is still in rumour phase, as Holt Renfrew’s publicity department would not confirm it with However, the source inside Holt Renfrew was adamant the phone would be arriving shortly, after speaking with the retailer’s buyers,” Hogg reports.

“The Holt Renfrew source says the 8GB phone will be a GSM phone, retailing across the country for $799. Anyone familiar with the GSM market in Canada knows that Rogers is the leading GSM provider in the country… A Rogers customer service employee let news slip the company would have the iPhone exclusively in Canada back in January, which the company retracted a week later,” Hogg reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John B.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Holt Renfrew is a chain of high-end Canadian department stores which currently comprises nine stores, located in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver.


  1. While the second best Mac store in Calgary is a Camera store and the third best is a Drug store chain, there is still one good Mac store in Calgary.

    An official Apple Store would probably kill off the best store. It’s the only one that offers the same services as an Apple store.

  2. I call BS. First off, Holt Renfrew will NOT be a launch store. Second, no way it’s going to be $799 when the iPod touch 16GB, which is the same price as the iPhone in the US is $449.

    I wish this were true, but I call serious stinky BS on this one.

  3. I’m Canadian (and I work for Rogers but not the Wireless side) and this sounds a bit suspicious.

    I find it a totally hard to believe that Holt Renfrew would be carrying the iPhone. It’s not their market. They’re a high end fashion store not an electronics provider. If anyone would be announcing something it would be Rogers, the wireless provider.

    And that price!!! Our dollar is at parity, there’s no need for that much of a mark-up.

  4. @michaelg,
    i agree with you. take for instance. i wanted to buy a book from and it was CAD$99. with all the news about the CAD$ parity with US$, i checked out for the same book and it was US$60. that’s just not right. specially when you know that they ship the book from the US anyway!! duh.

    The US companies are just playing deaf ears regarding this.. where is the Canadian consumer protection?

  5. Gosh, but you must be an internationally renowned economist–or psychic–because no one on this side of the Great White North has reported a recession in our economy.

    There are predictions of one, of course, thanks to our letting dumbasses with absolutely no sense of what it takes to sustain home ownership move into that market, but it hasn’t begun YET. Next time we’ll require actual QUALIFICATION to purchase a home, for (clearly) that part of the American dream is NOT for everyone. (Never was.)

    Is your observation mere wishful thinking, Canuck?

  6. all u guys are serious idiots…how can any company price a product depending on the exchange rate for the day? wtf is wrong with u ppl? just because the value of canadian is a bit more than the dollar now doesnt mean that product prices need to be cut down. think about it…do u walk into a coffee shop knowing that ur coffee costs $5 but since the dollar value is down, they should mark it down at $3? wtf? get real ppl. the market value will change but not everyday. geez!

  7. Look, if the Canadian dollar is worth the same as the American dollar, then the USA is in a recession and the American dollar is dropping like a stone.

    American economists can’t understand why the price of oil keeps going up when there is a good supply. The oil price is not going up, the dollar is dropping. Foreign investors are pulling out of the American market like rats from a sinking ship.

  8. Even a capitalist would be publicly humiliated if that was the real price. If it is the real price, with NAFTA agreements and all, ….may I suggest a ‘brown Zune’ colored shoe polish attack on all rogers employees!

    Shake the salespersons hand, and then slime them with shoe polish. Nothing like a good public ridicule campaign! How to get media coverage in a public gouging corporation.

    Based on cell phone plans in Canada we could probably start the shoe polish campaign now!

  9. Someone mentioned a good mac store in Calgary.
    You mean the lazy non marketing non aggressive passive marketers at ____ or at _______?

    I hope a real Apple store comes to town. I have not received so much as a mailer on Apple products in the last 5 years. They suck at marketing and are enjoying Apple’s efforts without so much as a brochure in the mail. Apple’s greatest marketing run and they can’t bother to do a mailout.

    If you buy a Mac, they give you some classroom instruction. Isn’t that great…thanks a bunch!

    I would love to see them carry average products and have to compete. If I were Apple Corp, I would pull the franchise rights the day the new store is built.

    What goes around comes around.

    Rumour: Deerfoot Meadows with the Ferrari and Lambo dealerships

  10. People that shop at Holt Renfrew have a lot of $ to throw around so why not target a premium demographic with a premium product?

    Yes, Holt doesn’t sell electronics but Apple can set up their own booth with their own staff to sell the iPhone just like Best Buy has an Apple store-within-a-store in the USA. I’m quite sure that Holt was selling a specific high-end, ‘fashion’ lineup of Nokia phones in the past.

  11. $799. You can get a laptop for less than that! Let me know when it goes below $400.

    to A good mac store in Calgary

    You’d think Calgary would have been one of the first locations Apple would have opened a store. It’s one of the richest cities in all of North America.

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