Piper Jaffray: iPhone Sales stabilize, up 56% following price cut

“Having jumped 200% immediately after the Sept. 5 price cut, sales of iPhones at Apple’s (AAPL) flagship stores stabilized at about 142 per day, up roughly 56% from 91 per day before their price dropped $200, according to a report issued today by Piper Jaffray,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“Munster notes that Mac sales, which were up sharply during July and August after the introduction of the new iMacs and during Apple’s back-to-school specials, have fallen nearly 40%,” Elmer-Dewitt reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Mac sales are seasonal and a decline in the post back-to-school period ahead of of holiday sales is nothing unexpected.


  1. @Just wondering,

    only if you work in the Zune Department of Mafia$oft, and it is all year round sales drops!

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  2. ohhhh @ Just wondering and @ Jim….u guys beat me to the first two places.

    THIRD!!! hahahaha. yayyy for AAPL. btw folks, if u guys have the chance to buy options, do it when the stock takes a dip. get the $160’s for dec and u will make enuf money by nov. GL and day traders, i love u all…u are the reason i have an income ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Yes, past the edu buying season, the holiday season has not quite begun, and the huge boost of sales that always accompanies a new iMac is beginning to subside. I would say that would even be predictable.

    Mmmm… I guess they are wrong, there are stupid questions.
    Think before you write.

  4. PJ is started to act a bit hysterical.

    Like peeping Toms or stalkers in Apple stores, sneaking around and counting iPhone sales, etc. They cannot count Apple Store online sales at all.

    Creepy. Worst, probably inacurrate.

  5. The only date that concerns me is November 6th, when the iPhone is released in Europe…then they will have a bar set in order to judge the iPhone sales. Folks, this iPhone is currently only in reach of a very small portion of the world…sales should be astronomical later when other countries get the chance. China does not have the average income of the American household, but considering we are crowded with 300 million people(about 100 million are illegals, and counting), let’s not forget in nearly the same amount of square miles(forgiving Alaska), there are approximately 1.7 billion people. China will not the a focus for the iPhone, but add up all of Europe, Canada, and Australia combined, and you have TREMENDOUS potential for iPhone sales. This thing is just beginning…AAPL is going above 200…and iPhone sales are going to be bigger than we imagined…still with little real competition feature for feature…all tied in with iTunes. The carriers on board are going to be rich.

  6. That’s 142 per day in the flagship store. So sales in smaller stores are likely to be less. If on average 50 are sold per store per day that would make a 10000 per day or 3.5M per year. Assuming AT&T;can match that number with their 2000 stores then you’re at 7M per year.

    At that rate Apple would meet their goal of 10M by end of 2008.

    If the sales rate increases then they would exceed that. That’s a distinct possibility since Apple will update the phone. I could go for one with 32 gig space since then it would replace both my phone and iPod.

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