RUMOR: Apple iPhone coming to Canada in two weeks

“ has learned from an inside source at Holt Renfrew that the luxury retailer will have the iPhone in about two weeks,” Christopher Hogg reports for Digital Journal.

“We have to say this is still in rumour phase, as Holt Renfrew’s publicity department would not confirm it with However, the source inside Holt Renfrew was adamant the phone would be arriving shortly, after speaking with the retailer’s buyers,” Hogg reports.

“The Holt Renfrew source says the 8GB phone will be a GSM phone, retailing across the country for $799. Anyone familiar with the GSM market in Canada knows that Rogers is the leading GSM provider in the country… A Rogers customer service employee let news slip the company would have the iPhone exclusively in Canada back in January, which the company retracted a week later,” Hogg reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John B.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Holt Renfrew is a chain of high-end Canadian department stores which currently comprises nine stores, located in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver.


  1. If they reallly wanted to make the story real, they would have kept the same positioned pricing to the US.

    $799 means this story is purely a load of $%&.

    As much as we want to believe this, don’t buy it. As well, Apple always pads an announcement for a new product like the iPhone in a new country with over a month of stocking time.

    While I have heard through various contacts that an announcement was due late Sep/early Oct, it would simply be an announcement with a late Nov launch at the earliest. Rogers/Bell/Telus all have their own stores, FutureShop/BestBuy sell Apple – so bet that Holt isn’t going to be the point of first launch – at least on its own. And it will be far less than $799 unless it also has 3G and a little doodad built in to scratch my back and fetch me a coffee.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. Apple would never launch a product in Canada without an announcement. Plus, the phone would most likely be sold only at Apple and Rogers retails stores. Add to that the current exchange rate, and you know this story is bogus. The Canadian dollar is still slightly above par, so why the hell would the phone cost DOUBLE what it costs in the States?

  3. Holt’s is a place where you buy a $30 belt for $150.

    The data plans offered by Rogers (“Robbers”) will be hundreds per month, making this a status item for the narcissistic glitterati-wannabees. You know, the type who goes to Holt’s to pay $150 for a $30 belt.

    Prediction: Leah McLaren and Rebecca Eckler will be early adopters.

    MW = “about” — aboot, eh?

  4. This is obviously pure bull…First off, the EDGE charges in Canada are still prohibitive (remember the article a few months back about how much a package similiar to the lowest iPhone rate would cost with Rogers? Something like $250, and it would still be limited to something like 100 MB). Hell, Rogers doesn’t even offer an unlimited monthly subscription to their shared wireless Hotspot access…($25/month for 600 minutes if you have a Rogers wireless account, compared to $25/month for unlimited access with Bell Mobility accounts at the same HotSpots…that’s just for WiFi access, folks) If Holt Renfrew is charging $800 per phone, they’d have to be previously unlocked (we all know about those traps this week, eh?); and it would still be a ridiculous ripoff…The 16GB iPod Touch is retailing for $449 here (compared to $399 with the lower US dollar)…No way this rumour is true…NO WAY.

  5. If they set the price that high here people are just going to cross the border into detriot, buffalo or boston and pick one up there with Cdn dollars at par.

    I can’t see them charging that much. The 16gig Touch is only 49 dollars more than then american price and it has the sameprice as the 8gig iPhone so I can’t see them going above 449. Canadian apple stores would just cry foul as they lost so many customers to cross border shoppers.

  6. Blame Canada, ah, I mean USA.

    Apple isn’t the only company taking advantage of the high Canadian dollar. Most products available in Canada are still approximately 30% more then in the US. Probably due to retail lag and distribution systems.

    Altho, yes, the $799 price for the iPhone in Canada does indicate this rumour is bogus.

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