Prominent Venture Capitalist says Apple TV is ‘amazing’

“Last week a NPR radio show spotlighted the expansion of new media headed to the Internet rather than just the TV, and in some cases forgoing the TV altogether. The show was noteworthy for Apple watchers because the Cupertino company’s AppleTV device was brought up in the discussion several times,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh.

“In fact the discussion, led by NPR On Point show host Tom Ashbrook, seemed to strongly suggest that Apple’s strategy for leading all media to the big screen TV in the living room — via the AppleTV device — was a solid play,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Show guest Mark Kvamme, a partner at Sequoia Capital, a leading VC firm in Silicon Valley… remarked on the show: ‘I had my son install an AppleTV, which kind of links YouTube videos, my music, my family photos onto my big screen in my living room — and I would have said before that this is going to be a different environment — but I gotta tell you that when it is all integrated together it is an amazing experience. So I think it’s going to be really hard for folks to say this is an online situation or computer situation, this is on my television, this is on my radio — whatever it happens to be.'”

Frausto-Robledo reports, “The question for Apple right now is whether or not the AppleTV is going to be a successful device in merging all these media together and bringing it to the big screen TV. Or is the AppleTV really an iFlop as a recent Forbes article suggested?”

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  1. Forbes will be eating crow over their assessment of AppleTV in just a couple years. This device will probably be the BIGGEST factor in Apple’s future growth. It opens up so many avenues for revenue growth both in terms of hardware sold as well as potential advertising streams.

    Calling it a flop is so short sighted and really just Forbes trying to get clickthrough and subs.

  2. Greg M, I agree completely. I want to buy one SO badly . . . but I can’t figure out WHY. As soon as Steve completes the circle by making it more “Tivo-like” (either with larger storage hard drive or HD streaming capabilities), I’ll be first in line to buy.

  3. I got one a week ago and it is great. Running my 6000+ song iTunes library through my main stereo system that feeds the entire house; pulling up home movies and photos onto my big screen TV that go back 20 years at the touch of a button is simply a wonder of convenience. Being able to explore the YouTube in the living room is a whole new experience because you can do it with a big group of people which changes the whole exploration dynamic. I’m a happy and satisfied customer.

    Well, I have access to all of my digital photos for viewing on my 42″ HDTV and, obsessive that I am, have ripped my entire (~300+) DVD collection (INCLUDING 5.1 surround sound) via the newest version of Handbrake (@Apple TV quality 2500 bps) to my computer and included the IMDB description in iTunes. DOLBY 5.1 IS SUPPORTED despite so many incorrect reviews.

    Now I simply choose the movie (or photo album or music) I want to watch via Apple TV. Yes, being able to purchase DVD quality movies would be nice (but I’m in Canada so that will never happen), but the “jukebox” like effect for movies, tv shows, photos, and music is fantastic.

  5. Apple TV is a sleeper…and the giant will wake up in due time. The iPod took off slowly also…then they hit the nitrous button and it was all over. I played with it at a Sam’s club on a widescreen…so simple and easy to use…it is another Apple product that people don’t know they need, yet. It will take off!

  6. For me, it is not about Tivo-like operations. I don’t care that much about television recording, although I recognize that that would be a nice feature. It is about sharing my personal digital assets with friends and family. It’s one thing to have stuff on your computer, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to have in your living room on the big screen entertainment center. My computers, routers, and 3TB NAS stay in the office and TV provides the access in the living room. I like it!

  7. Any time Steve J. says something is “just a hobby”, watch out. That’s his way of simply taking the attention away from something good that is currently being developed into something better, and/or waiting for the present to catch up with the future.

    Keep wood-shedding that hobby Steve, we’re with you 110%!

    When the present of media does eventually catch up with the future of media, Apple TV will be there, ready to receive. “Hobby” indeed!!

    MW: “program” — get with the . . .

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