Analyst: 3G version of Apple iPhone imminent

“There is no doubt a 3G version of Apple’s iPhone is in the wings and it could be announced soon, according to wireless chip and DSP sector analyst Will Strauss of Forward Concepts,” John Walko reports for EE Times Europe.

“There is also speculation that Apple will announce the Wideband-CDMA 3G capable version of the phone when it finally reveals which operators it has chosen for the European launch of the handset,” Walko reports.

“An announcement is expected imminently, and could come as soon as this week,” Walko reports. “Whether the iPhone’s 3G baseband chip would also include the higher-speed HSDPA capability for the next release is uncertain, according to Strauss.”

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  1. So after the $200 price drop fiasco, do you really think Apple is going to release a new 3G version just shortly after the price drop and risk pissing off even more people? I don’t think so.

    If a 3G version is on the imminent horizon, it would have been released along with the price drop for the holiday season.

  2. @Tre or they’re spreading out the bad news for early adopters, like me. My guess is that they’ll release at 3G 16GB iPhone in Paris on September 25th. I’m only a B student when it comes to guessing Apple movement, but I would think that if they are selling 3G iPhones in Europe, they’ll sell them in the States as well. That T-Mobile ad yesterday touted such a device going on sale November 6th, assuming the leak to be legit.

  3. usually, apple has made their products obsolete instead of dropping the price, so that their product offerings just get more features.

    If you think of it historically, you’d have to assume that at the recent Apple event, they didn’t just drop the price of the 8GB iPhone, but they just shifted their products around waiting for the new high-end piece to come out.

    I’m with this guy. I think a new 3G phone is coming out, and Apple didn’t drop the price on 8GB iPhones because they’re losing steam but because they already have a new update. 3G would make more sense in a European launch, and everyone knows that it’s got to be coming soon to the states. Why not before the holidays?

    This will be revealed when they do the European event, I’m sure.

    MDN word: sense, as in, this makes sense based on apple’s history.

  4. So was Steve Jobs just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass when he said just two months ago that:

    1. Current 3G chips are currently too large and battery hungry for the iPhone.

    2. 3G coverage is too sporadic at this time.

    Yeah, technology moves fast, but not that fast.

  5. People are really going to have to get over the fact that improvements to product and price or going to be made after they buy a product.

    Someone is ALWAYS going to be on the cusp of the better model or the better price. The only way around it is for Apple to stop selling that product for 3 months, and then re-introduce the new version later on after that buffer zone has been established.

    I can just imagine it now. The 2nd gen iPhone comes out, and everyone that bought a 1st gen 2 months prior is going to get their panties all up in a bind.

    It’ll be yet another whine-fest of epic and melodramatic proportions. Lots of “Woe is me”, type of stuff, along with the usual, “I’ll never buy anything from Apple ever again! And this time I mean it!”

  6. Will the current iPhones be upgradable to 3G when apple decides to do it? Or is the chip so integrated with the circuit board that upgrades are not possible?

    A fee for the new chip would be acceptable, but requiring a new phone would not.

    I know Apple doesn’t talk about unannounced updates or products, but some insight in this would help its customers.

  7. @macZeus,

    You hit the nail on the head, IF this is true, then Jobs has a lot of explaining to do.

    I bought based on the Job’s well publicized reasons for not using 3G–Battery life etc.

    If Apple turns around 3 months later and comes out with a 3G model, then Jobs has really screwed his loyal fan base twice.

    I don’t see this happening at all until next year.

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