Enthusiastic crowd turns out for grand opening of Apple Store Los Gatos

“The wait is over. After months of secret renovations, Apple Computers [sic] opened the doors to its Los Gatos retail store on Sept. 6 to a crowd of hundreds of Apple fanatics wanting to be the first to experience the new store,” Shannon Burkey reports for The Los Gatos Weekly-Times.

“People began lining up at 11 a.m. for the 6 p.m. opening, and the line snaked down N. Santa Cruz Avenue then turned and went a block down Main Street,” Burkey reports.

“Once inside, shoppers were cheered and given high-fives by Apple employees. Each person also received a free T-shirt – a tradition at all store openings – for their patience in waiting in line,” Burkey reports. “Those waiting to get in jammed on their iPods, typed away on their Macs, took pictures with their iPhones and compared Apple products with their neighbors.”

“‘This is a pretty exciting day for Los Gatos, and the energy of the people is electric,’ said Mayor Joe Pirzynski. ‘This store is going to anchor N. Santa Cruz. This is the kind of service our people want.’ …The Los Gatos store is the 192nd opened by the company; store No. 191 was opened earlier the same evening in Louisville,” Burkey reports.

More in the full article, with photo, here.


  1. another apple store opens and one step closer to WORLD DOMMINATION, ooh boy…but i don’t like apple dictating my hardware choices so limited like glossy screens are the most annoying sons of bitches to use. of course mdn will IP ban me and others for anything non fluffy comments, but I can come back here endlessly because i am a bot master, apple is GOING UP! I wish mdn would grow up WAY TO GO APPLE!!!

  2. Who is the ass-clown that keeps posting about MDN banning them on every single story? It’s really getting tired, dude.

    By the way, Apple is not dictating your hardware choices. They don’t force you to buy anything. If you don’t like what Apple offers, don’t buy it. I’d much prefer that you go buy some beige Dell machine with Windows Vista so you can get the hell away from here.

  3. I wonder if everyone will get over the “Apple fever” eventually?
    You know, the lust for hardware, waiting in lines and such for expensive hardware that sometimes quite doesn’t meet one’s needs. I know I did, I walked into the Apple Store yesterday and the lure was just not there. I compared the products intelligently and decided somethings were not for me or relly didn’t have a need for them. I don’t know what it is, Apple just doesn’t “do it” for me anymore. I feel like a excult member or something. Is that the secret to Apple marketing?

  4. Who is the ass-clown that keeps posting about MDN banning them on every single story? It’s really getting tired, dude.

    It really is, but I think the dude has a issue with mdn banning people and deleting comments even from good people like they are children with a game machine. It’s obvious they can come back whenever they wish so it really doesn’t matter. They apparantly have trained a lot of others to use ip filters, proxies, auto-cookie deletion and Tor networks to post here whenever they wish. It’s the censorship of nothing but fluffy comments here at mdn thats got them pissed and they have been at it for years more or less. So go ahead and live in the rose colored glasses world of mdn if you wish, but others will keep the fight for free speech alive so you can one day speak your mind like your doing now.

  5. I would think that a Los Gatos reporter would know better than to refer to Apple, Inc. as “Apple Computers.” (Los Gatos is an iPod-throw from Cupertino.)

    Other local silicon valley Apple stores include Valley Fair, Palo Alto and the Stanford Shopping Center (mini store.)

  6. Love to see things in the news that might help my stock go up a bit more.

    All the experts are predicting US resession after the holidays. Which means less people are going to buy toys, which means Apple stock will tank with the rest of the market. So plan your profit taking carefully.

    busting heads for real

  7. I was at the Louisville opening. The store was packed with people. They had the new iPods out except the 160GB iPod classic. An employee said they were still waiting on those. I would guess they had around 2000 people come through the store that evening. They didn’t open until 6 p.m.

  8. @Animal act,
    Aside from the fact that you are the dude we are talking about, you need to wake up. Free speech is not a right on a private site such as MDN. They have the right to edit/delete your comments. They have the right to ban you. They have the right to do whatever they want on their site. If you don’t like it, leave. Assuming that you are a U.S. citizen for a moment, if you are trying to apply your constitutional rights to what you can say or do on this site is idiocy. The constitution does not protect your right to free speech on someone else’s web site.

  9. More clever marketing, for a free tee-shirt* there are a few hundred people in line, for every person in the line (once it gets past a few) probably ten passers by ask what the queue is for.

    @Fairy God Mother. Most of us got over Apple fever long time ago, or never had it in the first place, we just like stuff that works as advertised.

    Matte screen cover for gloss screens – $20, gloss screen cover for matte screens – priceless.

    *Do they still do discounts and freebies?

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