Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard shames Microsoft’s Windows Vista

“I can tell you that – with my limited exposure to the latest Leopard beta – OS X 10.5 is a far more user friendly, home network happy, 64-bit operating system for consumers than Windows Vista (even with SP1) could ever hope to be. This isn’t a classic ‘Apple vs Microsoft’ argument so much as it’s a ‘Windows vs Users’ one,” Chris Pirillo writes.

“To switch or not to switch… is becoming less of a question. Yesterday’s arguments simply DO NOT APPLY,” Pirillo writes.

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. zune lalaahhha LOl

    hay there how are you?

    Your still here, you dont really believe the stuff you say do you, If you do you should point out real flaws in mac OS and Advantages in windows then we can have a debate , it will be fun.

  2. With the total debacle of iMovie 08, I resorted to looking into MSoft and Vista so I could run Adobe Premier Elements.

    Still haven’t given up, but the Vista world has me close to giving up – what a mess!

    I guess Steve knew this and that’s why he’s not worried about running off the long-time iMovie faithful.

    It’s still knife to the heart and I’ll never see Steven Paul Jobs with the same admiration and resect I once had for him.

  3. Zune Bang: “Microsoft poured 5 years of blood, sweat and tears into their shining release …”

    Zune, don’t you dare mention the name of one of the most inventive bands in music in the same breath as perhaps the least-inventive and most craptacular OS ever to be unleashed on mankind.

  4. I agree with Zune, but u wont convince anyone here… its a mac site. All of Mac’s following is here…. which is a grand total of 20 people. Apple is falling apart… Vista is going to destroy Mac and you all know it, but no 1 will admit it. Sad… I almost feel sorry for you… almost. Mac has way more compatability issues, on Mac OS X 10.3, I couldnt even play Oragon trail without it crashing… Programs are always not responding, it has very poor security vs vista, its just that every1 targets microsoft trying to fing holes in its security cause they find it a challenge. Hacking Mac is no challenge. it would take an hour to crack through this frail operating system. People keep attempting to hack and create viruses for vista because thats where most the customers are (vs mac’s handful) Hackers don’t even think its worth it to hack a mac, its like completing a 4 piece puzzle… just not as fun as a jigsaw because its no challenge. Apple is on a route to the end, so you guys should aim your attention on the ipod… because thats all this frail corporation has left…

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