What is the Zen of Mac?

What is the “Zen of Mac?”

Software engineer Noah Gift explains in his O’Reilly ONLamp blog:

You don’t think, it just works. As software engineers, systems administrators, or people that are very technical, it can be difficult to just not think about your desktop computer. The reality is that you are more productive on solving your other problems when you don’t think about your computer, it just works.

Find out why a Nobel prize winner prefers Macs and how Linux users (and, by proxy, Windows sufferers) should approach Apple’s Mac OS X in the full post here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, I got a new mac and so far It’s going fantastic! and of course I am brilliant.

    MDN Word among…. More macs among us. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  2. is leopard going to support more hardware than just their crap white/black macs? when can i put it on a custom made intel core box that i made myself? upgrading on a mac is easy, you just throw out the old and spend more money for a shittier video card than the previous one.

    macs suck. get over it.

  3. i love osx. thanks to the osx86project. thanks to communist crapple, you need to run their software on whatever hardware they choose. regardless if you like it or not. in the non-mac world, you can build any computer you want with better sound/video/network cards. want to upgrade a mac? too bad. buy a new one.

    love osx. hate mac. i’ve given up on osx since it requires too many hacks to work right on my hardware, thanks to the communist restrictions placed by crapple. i’ll enjoy Windows Vista with its compatibility with over one MILLION devices.

    windows = freedom
    mac= communism

  4. I knew David Baltimore, the subject of the blog referred to above, years ago when he was President of the Whitehead Institute at MIT, before he became President of Rockfeller Univ, then Cal Tech. I can recall discussing Macs at lunch with him. He was a diehard Mac fan, as were almost all of his esteemed Biology Dept colleagues at MIT. I’ve noticed that the same is true at Harvard, and I’ve read that it is so at Princeton. I wonder of it’s generally true that biologists and physicians at the top schools use Macs and those at lesser schools are tied to PCs. Would be an interesting study, and, if true, would say something fundamental about the zen of the Mac and those who can perceive it. Or, maybe FSJ is right and Apple just restricts their computers to denizens of the ‘proper’ schools…..

  5. I grow weary of the fools who try to appear witty with their anti-Mac comments. Whether they are true trolls or just acting like them for their own perverse sense of humor doesn’t really matter anymore. They are as worthless as spammers and offer nothing but stupidity. What a waste of oxygen.

  6. As a friend discussed it this morning- with a Mac, you only concern yourself about what you want to accomplish. With a PC, you’re entirely occupied with how you might even start to begin.

  7. I think that “anti reality distortion field” proves the point that brilliant people are Mac users and we know where that places Windoze sufferers.

    Back to your game playing monster Windoze machine “anti reality distortion field”; hope you get the High Score!

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