CNET hands-on with Apple iMac: ‘Without a doubt, the best home-use computer’

“Offering an attractive black bezel to accent the glass, reflective display, the iMac will immediately jump out at you. The Aluminum finish is a nice touch and the stylish black backing with the Apple logo adds even more character to an already appealing design,” Don Reisinger blogs for CNET.

“The first day I brought my iMac home, everyone who saw it was taken aback by its design and overall usefulness. Mac OS X is still the OS heavyweight and on a device like this, it really shines. The new iMovie is quite appealing and it runs much quicker than the older version on my MacBook, but that can also be attributed to upgraded specs,” Reisinger writes.

“If you’re a possible Windows covert and you’re still a little skeptical about the move, I recommend using Boot Camp to ease your transition. Running Windows on a Mac with the help of Boot Camp gives you the best of both worlds and trust me, you won’t regret it,” Reisinger writes. “Since I purchased the iMac last weekend, I’ve been using it exclusively as the computer that I write on, surf the web on and even do some photo and video editing on. Without a doubt, it’s the best computer I’ve used for any of these situations.”

Reisinger writes, “While the iMac may not necessarily appeal to the serious video and photo people who have a strong distaste for the glossy, glass screen, it is, without a doubt, the best home-use computer I have ever used.”

More in the full article here.


  1. biased dad…

    altho uʻr sentiment is understood… (I have no choice but to run certain vital software in WXP.) it affords the curious a so-called back up( in the sense of weaning themselves off MSFT). but what a business decision by Apple!… they were waiting for the right time/tech to make it feel seamless.

    zune… yes, what a joke…

    iMac would also look cool if it was all black…

  2. @Sol,

    Just switched my Sis-in-law. She got a 20″ iMac. Rock solid. I’d get a 24″ if I could get a non glossy screen. Do a lot of photos so I need color accuracy.

    The iMac really does look cool though.

    I’ve only found a couple of negatives though when you compare it to the white iMac it replaces.

    a) Thereis no longer the magnet on the side for storing the remote control and,

    b) The white light is gone so you can’t tell if it is in sleep mode or if the screen is just dimmed just by looking at it.


    I found the link shown below on the Fake Steve site.

    Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, FUNNY!!!

    Go thru the whole thing, well worth it.


    If this has been posted before – my apologies.

    re the story from cnet … ok good review albeit with many slight of hand back stabs in it.

    God, I hate cnet.

  4. Owners of brown BMWs really appreciate the ability to color-coordinate their Zunes.

    If you’re a possible Windows covert and you’re still a little skeptical about the move you are right to be, stick with what you know and what works. As the author says, “it is, without a doubt, the best home-use computer I have ever used”. This is from a journalist whose work is writing and he only rates MACs for home use, see even MAC lemmings know they are merely toys. Get a real computer, do some work, even some writing, play some games too – or better still get an XBox, the hottest gaming system ever.

    “I could have gone out and bought a Windows-only machine that would have cost me less, but where’s the fun in that?” Obviously a MAC lemming, those dollars you have misspent could have bought you tons of games, pr0n, a Zune and some protected music from the superior Zune store. Do you know what fun means? There’s lots of fun with Windows, take editing the registry for example, problem-solving, anticipation, battling the OS and the inevitable pleasure and satisfaction from a job well done when you win, more fun than those kiddies games you find on Macs.

    Sheesh what’s with all these MAC lemmings, have they started a breeding program?

  5. Anyone out there up to making an anti-glare attachment?

    Just when we thought tape-on antiglare screens were left safely in the 1980’s…

    What next? Apple goes back to beige cases and 5.25 floppies? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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