Paramount’s HD DVD payola is anti-consumer

“According to the New York Times, HD DVD promoters are paying $150 million to Paramount/Dreamworks to pay for Paramount dropping its support of Blu-ray while retaining support of HD DVD,” Robert Smith reports for TVPredictions.

“Two years ago, Paramount announced that they would support both HD DVD and Blu-ray in the HDTV disc format war. Blu-ray has been selling two-to-one over HD DVD this year, and this includes Paramount titles,” Smith reports.

“Within the market for HDTV disc players, consumers have to be warned that they cannot depend on anything. I am advising all of my friends and associates to be wary of both formats now, and especially of the apparent commitments made by studios,” Smith reports.

“This decision of Paramount has seriously destabilized the already tenuous HDTV disc market and left customers in a greater state of uncertainty and mistrust that they were before,” Smith reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Giuseppe S.” for the heads up.]


  1. Give me a break, like Sony and the Blu-ray camp haven’t done the same thing. You don’t think Blockbuster got some money for going with strictly blu-ray. It’s all bs, they’re all just playing games and we’re caught in the middle

  2. Re: Give me a break

    Not to mention the fact that Sony owns studios that don’t put out movies on HD-DVD. That’s not any less anti-consumer than what’s going on here. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    Give me a combo player for $300-500 and I’m in. Until then, let the idiot studios fight over their .5% niche.

  3. The amusing thing is they can keep doing this kind of thing and the public will keep holding off on committing one way or the other. At least in the short-term.

    Personally, I prefer blu-ray for its capacity, but there are some nice things about HD-DVD too (no regions for example.) The inevitable conclusion will be that neither will “win” per se, because it’s highly likely that multi-format players/recorders will appear, making the issue mostly irrelevant (which is how the DVD-R and DVD+R was sorted out.)

    It seems doubtful this will be a repeat of the Beta vs VHS situation.

  4. In my opinion, this is a sign of desperation by the HD-DVD backers.

    Of course it is, but bankrolling this is Microsoft, which is engaged in a “America vs Asia” war of this new format.

    As a Mac fan, I hate Microsoft with a passion. Then again Sony hasn’t been quite a angel either with their rootkit and strick DRM.

    However Sony is less evil than Microsoft.

    However Microsoft is America’s evil and would you, as a American/European, would rahter have the evil on your side or the Asians?

    After all the Asians already make most of everything and American/Europeans make nearly nothing.

    Or is this just the studios holding M$ hostage? Got to get that cash back somehow right?

    My brain hurts.

  5. Of course the thing one has to ask, as a Mac fan.

    Is Apple going to side with Microsoft? A American company and Intel, which control the chip market.

    Or with Sony? And incure the wrath later on from the Wintel Alliance?

    Apple seems to move first. How will the Mac community react if Apple goes HD-DVD?

    After all Steve jobs is clinging to increase Mac sales by being able to install Windows.

    Windows with HD-DVD?

    Whatta think of them apples? (no pun indended)

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