Screenshots of latest Apple Mac OS X Leopard build

“In late July Apple released Build 9A499 of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to ADC members. This build represented the first since WWDC and offers very little major change but does implement some excellent visual changes and many, many minor ones,” World of Apple reports.

“At WWDC this year the Finder got a major revamp, adding a brand new 3D style Dock, transparent menu-bar and Stacks,” World of Apple reports.

“In this build Apple has tweaked all of these features, the menu-bar is still transparent but feels more natural now as the majority of the icons no longer have white backgrounds. Text sometimes feels out of place, especially if you have a dark desktop background and the menus that drop down from selected objects still feel a little too solid,” writes World of Apple.

Full article, with gallery of screenshots, here.


  1. I like the way it looks. There’s a crispness to it that’s missing in Vista (too much teh Shiny®), yet it’s somewhat muted and subtle. It’s actually relaxing to me. If anything, I find that weird. I like to look at it because it’s easy on the eyes. Never said that about an OS before.

  2. *whisper*… “vista 2.0…”

    Oh! How sweet! All that translucency and shiny… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I thought you Mac People had better taste?

    Five years from now everyone will laugh at this trend of translucent eye candy – which really serves no purpose (on Pc or Mac).

  3. Feels snappier!

    But is it secure?

    It’s being passed around the geeks here at La Vegas as I speak.

    You see the new game is to find the exploits before release, then hope Apple misses one or two, and then announce them to the public at large when Apple does release the new version.

    Step three: Instant fame!

  4. Hey nittany4 . I will reserve judgement until I have it on my computer, but from what I see here, yes, I want to have a solid white menu bar too.

    It is nice there is choice for finder motifs. I always use column view, and am having a hard time imagining how “cover flow” could be more functional.

  5. AAHHAAAHHAA! It took 6 years for them to think of making the menu bar transparent? No wonder they’re losing market share to Vista!

    Start of 2007: Vista 0.18% – Intel Mac 1.88% – Total Mac 6.22%

    6 months later: Vista 5.41% – Intel Mac 2.61% – Total Mac 5.97%

    Vista has only been on sale for SIX months. Intel Macs have been on sale for EIGHTEEN! With all the annoying commercials from beginning of 2006, people know what Macs are now. No excuse. Face it. Macs suck.

  6. Actually, XP’s losing marketshare to Vista– and even that’s a sham.

    M$: “Vista has sold 40 million licenses.”
    Disclaimer: M$ is not responsible for the content of its advertising. Most copies of Vista have been sold to computer makers who have been screwed and have to keep selling XP because Vista’s a dog. Buy Vista at your own risk and you’ll win a pony. Vista: the hemorrhoids start now. Void where prohibited. All your dollars are belong to us. Apple sucks.

    MW passed, as in Gas.

  7. You need to understand some statistics before you rely on figures from someone like Ask yourself some easy questions:
    – what’s their methodology (what and how do they count cpu’s)
    – where are the ‘margin of error’ figures. Without them, the data is meaningless.
    – do they have an agenda. Do they want to sell you something or have you believe something?

    When you’ve done this homework, then come back and post here. Until then, work on the rest of your homework. And enjoy 6th grade this fall…

  8. @vista pwns: “Vista has only been on sale for SIX months. Intel Macs have been on sale for EIGHTEEN! With all the annoying commercials from beginning of 2006, people know what Macs are now. No excuse. Face it. Macs suck.”

    I feel sorry for you. Rather than enjoying Vista or XP or 2000, you feel that the only joy in your life is coming here and trying to show how — what you hate to use — is some how better than what we enjoy every day. Sorry, but you are a troll, thats all. And not even an ocasionally funny one. 🙁

    To PC Guy, MacFly, and all the other semi-trolls ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> , all I can say is “Just what are you trying to accomplish? We use Macs cause we enjoy them. You are mad at Mac cause. . . ???? If you enjoy Vista etc, fine. But to spend all your time here, well, I figure either you have been paid (and we know by whom) or you just have such a guilt complex that you just cannot stop.

    Either way, I feel sorry for you. As for Zune Tang, well, his jokes are even worse than mine. It makes me feel good that I am not the worlds worst comedian. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN word become. “MS proclaims, “I am become the destroyer of worlds and Vista is my sword. “


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