Security: Apple vs. Microsoft

“Windows enthusiasts weary of making excuses for Microsoft’s security failures have discovered that the best defense is a good offense,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“Ignoring the fact that every desktop infested with malware is running Windows, and dismissing the reality that every headline grabbing worm and every virus crisis that disrupts business and results in expensive cleanup efforts has similarly been the fault of Windows, a new version of reality is being presented that insists that Windows is now more secure than ever, and that the real security problems lie with Linux, Macs, and the iPhone,” Eran writes.

“No amount of numbers can erase the huge expense involved in decontaminating, patching, and cleaning up Windows PCs, something that has no equal on other platforms. Microsoft insisted that Windows XP was the most secure Windows ever, at least until the release of Vista when it conceded that XP was riddled with architectural flaws that Vista thoughtfully fixed. Vista is now the most secure Windows ever, but based on previous awardees of that crown, that doesn’t mean much,” Eran writes.

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  1. On Yahoo! Answers, I’m constantly hearing from Windows users that there are many viruses on the Macintosh. They claim that no computer is safe from viruses. The more they say it, the more they start to believe that it’s true. I keep on saying, “Six years of using Mac OS X and still not one computer virus.” I can say it as much as they can.

  2. If market share decides how many viruses affect a platform, how come there’s not any viruses written for Vista yet? It has 5.41% share in 6 months. Intel Macs only achieved 2.61% in EIGHTEEN months.

    Face it. Macs suck. Make an informed decision as an intelligent consumer and get a Windows Vista PC today!

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  4. LOL

    I bought a new OEM copy of XP PRO SP2 to use with Parallels when I bought a new 24″ Intel iMac last fall.

    I never found the need to instal it. It has been sitting in the box, with no anti-virus or firewall protection for 10 months and it is still malware free.


  5. “No computer is safe from viruses.”
    True !
    “There are many viruses on Macs.”
    False !
    I’m pretty certain there are more than a couple of actual hackers (as opposed to Script Kiddies) out there who are trying to ruin OSX’s reputation for being secure, but they have yet to succeed. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, it just has yet to happen. Maybe tomorrow, next week, next year … next decade? It will happen. We’ve set foot on the Moon and rovers on Mars, someone will find the key to breaking OSX.
    Yawn! I can wait. Somebody mention it. Someone I can believe. Someone not on the MS payroll. I can . . . z z z zzz …

  6. But Windows wasn’t designed for the internet or security!!

    You can’t take a mega ton cruise ship like Windows that’s installed on virtually every computer in existance and has zillions of developers who have very expensive investment in time making software and suddenly turn it on a dime.

    Apple lost a lot of developers who were ambused by the switch to Mac OS X, to X-Code and then the Intel switch.

    They were burned and lost a lot of money so they said goodbye.

    Where are all the games for Intel Macs? Remember all the interest in 3D games when the PowerMac G5 was released?

    No so now, Apple switching so much kicked them in the teeth, the 3D gamer market for Macs is now dead.

    Everyone went to code for the X-Box and Playstation 3 especially for it’s powerful Cell processor which the scientific community BEGGED Apple to implement in their Pro line desktops.

    Apple could have sold tons of X-Servers and Mac Pro’s with Cell procesors.

    Now we are stuck with these has been Intel chips with their throttled bottleneck frontside bus.

    I get beachballs and delays on my Intel dual core machine, not so with my dual processor G5.

  7. LMFAO! I totally agree! Apple Macs running Intel are the most pathetic pieces of crap ever. The only Mac I’ve ever had was when the Mac Mini ran PowerPC and it was only $500. Good times. I got rid of it when they brought out the Intel ones for $100 more.

    Windows Vista is amazing and Microsoft would never do something so stupid like Apple did. They’ve lost me as a user.

    Read more about the amazing security features of Windows Vista. Get it today!

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