Aspyr updates Game Agent for Apple Mac

Aspyr Media today released a free update for the Game Agent application.

Aspyr Game Agent is free utility that allows you to easily match your computer hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr’s game titles. Game Agent will automatically identify which games will run on your current system and determine necessary system upgrades for any other Aspyr games if needed. It also lets you see what games will run on current Mac models Apple sells, in case you are looking to buy a new computer.

New Features include:
• Updated Game Directory
• Game Agent now identifies games with Universal Binary support
• Game Agent now recognizes the Intel GMA 950 graphics processor
• Game Agent now properly recognizes Mac OS X 10.4.10.
• Added a “Runs on My Mac” section to the sidebar
• Added a “Universal Games” section to the sidebar

If you already have the Game Agent application, this update will occur automatically the next time the program is run. If you do not already have Game Agent, more info and a free download link is available here.


  1. This seems like a great idea.. I wish they’d expand it to include titles by other game publishers. Possibly keeping Aspyr at top and “other game manufacturers” below that. Would make the software more useful to and end user while maintaining a subtle hint promotion for Aspyr.

    Just my 2c.

  2. Not many games for Intel Mac’s, didn’t you hear?

    Apple switched to X-code, then switched to Intel.

    All the game makers left.

    You want games? Get a Playstation 3, awesome fast Cell processor and $100 less AND you get a BlueRay DVD player.

    Apple can’t touch that, not with a ten foot pole.

    I think serious gaming is over for us Mac users, for all PC’s really. I’m caring around a $3000 Macbook Pro that’s only good for surfing, emailing, burning a occasional disk and watching a DVD movie on trips.

    God I miss the processor wars, it was such fun to toast the bunny.

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