99 Cents Only Stores will sell Apple 4GB iPhones to the first nine in line for 99-cents on Thursday, August 9th, 2007.

The next 99 customers can purchase a scooter for 99-cents at the ribbon-cutting 25th anniversary celebration of the first 99 Cent Only Store in Westchester, CA.

The store is located at 6854 La Tijera Boulevard – one block west of La Cienega Boulevard.

In addition, 99 Cents Only Stores will offer Apple 2GB iPod nanos for 99-cents only to the first 9 customers at their upcoming grand openings. The next 99 customers can buy a scooter for 99-cents, as well.

Upcoming Grand Openings:
Bryan, TX – Aug. 23
Fresno, CA – Aug. 23
More Grand Opening dates and full addresses here.

More info here.
We smell trouble. Good thing it’s not in Henrico. Regardless, we hope they have facilities available.