Sony recalls 416,000 digital cameras

“Sony is recalling 416,000 digital cameras because the case may warp, creating an edge that can cut or scratch the user’s hands, the company said Thursday,” The Associated Press reports.

“The recall affects 350,000 Cyber Shot DSC-T5 cameras sold in the United States, Europe and China, about 66,000 sold in Japan,” AP reports.

“Customers are advised to check the model and serial numbers of their cameras to see if they are among the affected products,” AP reports.

Full article here.

Sony’s public notice here.

This is no way for greedy Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer to achieve a world where only he makes money.


  1. Don’t complain when being called “Rabid Apple Followers” after posting something like this.

    This is just spite against Sony just because they’re not Apple and compete with your favorite fruit company (albeit ineffectually).

  2. If I ever get scratched by my camera I’m gonna sue. That is just unthinkable that a person could get scratched by a camera. I can’t believe that quality control could ever allow such a terrible abomination to happen. Imagine that, a scratch!

  3. I think the reason this article is here is because of the FUD issued on the iphone before it was released for sale.

    I don’t know if Sony-Ericsson were a part of this FUD, but it goes to show how in search of quick bucks companies are conducting less R&D into the components that go into the hardware in a bid to save on costs.

    Was this as a direct result of how much money was spent on the PS3? who knows…..

    Fact of the matter is, after the battery fiasco, now we have a warped fiasco in the making.

    Anyone for a spot of Star Trek?

  4. In other news JD Cutlery has just recalled 500,000 pocket knives. It has been discovered that if the blade is left out it is possible to get poked by the blade.

    Until a replacement can be made available it is being suggested that you do not open the blade on this pocket knife.

  5. Another reason for posting this on MDN is because some Mac users, like myself, have Sony CyberShot cameras attached to our Macs. I don’t think mine is involved in this recall though. It’s a legitimate, albeit tenuous, connection to Mac news, but news nevertheless.

  6. The fact that you don’t get the Sony shot means that you are a TROLL! Now shut up and get back to making out with your ‘doze box. Windows trolls are sew stoopid! (The article was posted, as are the Dell articles, as are the Creative articles, to dog on those who spew FUD about Apple.)

  7. And after I just defended yo for posting Yet Another iPhone piece. Now you post this drivel about a camera. A real camera, not the sort of key-hole job you see in a cell phone. About the only linkages this has to a Mac are that
    a) it’s priced at the bottom of the Mac’s range
    b) you can link it to a Mac with a cable
    c) a different department of Sony sells computers
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