Apple promises fix for iPhone battery state icon

“The results of our iPhone battery survey seem to indicate that the issue of the battery icon not showing a full charge is widespread: over 60% of those who responded told us that their battery indicator did not show a fully charged battery,” Richard Baguley reports for WirelessInfo.

“So, we contacted Apple PR about this, and they told us that ‘Your battery is fully charged, but the UI (User Interface) is just not correctly reflecting this. We expect to fix this in a software update,'” Baguley reports.

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  1. If I leave my iPhone plugged in to my MBP with the laptop sleeping, after a few hours the iPhone will show the red, low battery warning. This has happened a few times. Now I wonder if it’s still charged but erroneously saying it’s not. Not that big a deal but a fix would be nice.

  2. Funny my iPhone correctly shows when it’s fully charged. Ah well, they’ll get it fixed for those that have the issue. And it won’t take a $1.15 Billion recall to get it done it either…

  3. My stable of magnificent Zunes all accurately display the battery state. And they have FM. And I can use points to purchase content from the super great Zune Marketplace.

    Game, set and match, Apple. Nice try. Losers.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. “if youre computer is sleeping, i dont believe the iPhone or iPods will charge. Try keeping it awake with just display sleep enabled.”

    No. I won’t. I’m not going to babysit. It shouldn’t matter if a device is plugged in or not either to the wall or a computer. I’ll wait for the software update. And as I said, it’s not that big of a deal.

    (And I think DJ Jac was being sarcastic?)

  5. I have never understood why people like Zune Tang, DJ Jac, and Trollbearer frequent sites such as these. What kind of life would one have if his only charge is to tenaciously hang onto to anything that might even be remotely negative for Apple and its products. Let me guess…a stable of Zunes would most likely be all brown and be grouped in an appropriate pile. Forgive me, but I couldn’t resist.

  6. the update wont fix your problem. No iPod or iPhone will charge when your computer is sleeping. Either plug it into the wall, or dont put you computer to sleep. If your laptop is plugged in, it wont hurt it to not go to sleep. It’s a Mac, not a Dell.

  7. Sleeping Macs won’t charge anything. I’ve had this experience with my current Mot phone and also my iPod.

    This is normal though.

    It would be nice if in the energy saver sys pref, there were an option for: Plower Adaptor- Do not sleep while charging.
    Or something like that.

  8. I must be miscommunicating. The iPhone shows that it is fully charged after it has been plugged in for a couple of hours to my laptop. Then, left alone for hours with the MBP sleeping, the iPhone shows low battery as if it has lost its full charge. It shouldn’t lose its charge no matter if it is plugged into anything or not. However, as the FA states, it could just be a UI issue.
    (“So, we contacted Apple PR about this, and they told us that ‘Your battery is fully charged, but the UI (User Interface) is just not correctly reflecting this. We expect to fix this in a software update . . .”)

    “the update wont fix your problem.”
    You don’t know that and Apple states the contrary. Unless you’re an Apple engineer, stop making things up. It’s annoying.

  9. Here’s the deal, what Apple has stated is referring to users that are having an issue where their iPhone should be completely charged, but its only showing about 95%, and never a full charge. I have not read in any posts where people were having an issue with the iPhone showing red when it should be fully charged. On that note, I have one time, accidently, half-drunkenly, docked my iPhone after a night out and put the computer to sleep (duh!). Woke up and found it around 10% battery. I can understand the issue there, but if youre talking about having a full charge and then 2 or 3 hours later(?) finding it almost drained, you might want to contact tech support.
    It will lose its charge if its plugged into a sleeping computer because it isnt being charged.
    And this update will not change the fact that iPhones and iPods dont charge while the computer is asleep.

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