Analyst sees solid demand for Apple Macs; conservatively sees 25% year-over-year growth

“Apple Inc. continued to see solid demand for Macs last quarter with refreshes to both its MacBook lines leading the charge, according to Wall Street analysts at UBS,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “In a note to clients Friday, Analyst Ben Reitzes and his associates said strong sales of the new notebook models should provide a slight boost to the Cupertino-based firm’s fiscal third quarter earnings on July 25th, simultaneously offsetting some deceleration in iPod sales.”

“The analyst explained that iPod growth was more subdued during the quarter due to a combination of aging iPod product lines, some anticipation of the iPhone, and normal seasonality. He was, however, bullish on expectations for initial iPhone sales during the final two days of the quarter,” Marsal reports.

“The analyst said his Mac growth estimates of 25 percent year-over-year to 1.66 million could prove conservative, especially given the new notebooks and strong demand witnessed across the Mac product line during the K-12 education buying season in June… ‘We believe the iPhone could [help] drive more sales of both iPods and Macs,’ Reitzes said,” Marsal reports.

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  1. OS X on the iPhone and on a Mac have very little in common as far as the user experience is concerned (Coverflow and that’s about it really). But the iPhone makes Apple more releveant and that should bring up more sales.

  2. Neil Armstrong said this and it seems appropriate.

    One small leap for man, one giant leap for mankind.

    They’ve taken the first small step getting into OSX. Next leap of faith to follow.

    Can’t wait to see the millions of light bulbs go on……

  3. Can’t wait to see the millions of light bulbs go one……

    At the very same instant in light fixtures across the country, in every city, township and hamlet in precise union every lightbulb in existence began to unscrew. In working fixtures lights began flicking off, in abandoned apartments light fixtures tipped over to the floor as 19.7 billion bulbs all began rising into the air, passing spiritlike through walls and ceilings lifting ever higher, every more rapidly into the air. At any moment one would have thought that rains of glass would begin to shower downward as bulb shattered bulb in impact, but, impossibly the bulbs began merging into one another. Ten into five. Ten thousand into five thousand, then hundreds of thousands into hundreds, and then, in the most amazing moment yet, all of them merging together into one, eclipsing the sun, eclipsing the moon and stars. In that moment the earth gained a new satellite which hung over the horizon light a giant monument to “idea”. The millions of light bulbs had all gone to one. One half of humanity marveled from daytime. One half from night. All of them dumbstruck, paralyzed by confusion and awe.

    MW: distance

  4. The raison d’être for MDN is actually to perfect psychic prediction technologies. The software in use to generate the seemingly innocuous “magic word” would blow your mind. You watch, sometime soon we’ll all witness the revealing of psycho-sympathetic® algorithms that will become embedded in everything from tennis shoes to wall paints. They’ll never say how they came up with the predictive system, but MDN readers will know. Oh yes, we’ll know……

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  5. Look, what it’s all about is exposure. The more the Apple product line is exposed to non-mac users some of those will become switchers. And I haven’t even talked about students, many of which have become Mac users.

    Again it’s all about exposure. Besides, if people experience some of the Apple product line Apple will get a much higher bang for buck than for paying for product placements on TV shows and movies. That’s not to say that the latter exposure is wrong it just compliments the aura of all that’s Apple.

    Now the line I’m using with my students goes something like “I can appreciate that business will go for the lowest common denominator (pcs) but as a user I just can’t understand why any person would use a pc…they’re just so yesterday and macs are just so much fun to use.” I get about three or four switchers per semester.

  6. “OS X on the iPhone and on a Mac have very little in common as far as the user experience is concerned (Coverflow and that’s about it really).”

    In general I agree with you, but with Leopard’s inclusion of Coverflow in the Finder, the similarities will more striking.

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