Ten things you didn’t know about Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard

“I’ve been made aware of some great stuff that Steve didn’t talk about in his [WWDC Mac OS X Leopard] keynote address,” Danny Gorog reports for APC Magazine.

Gorog reports, “I can also say for sure that Leopard, when it’s released will beat the pants of Vista in terms of speed and functionality. Windows users should however read this article so you’ll know what to expect on your machines by 2011.”

Gorog’s list includes:
• Attention to detail 1: rounded bottom edges of all drop down menu bars
• Attention to detail 2: location options only appears if you have more than one location set
• Help Menu improvements
• New ‘Get Info’ pane
• iCal improvements
• Stacks are really useful
• Cover Flow in the Finder is really useful, too
• Contextual menu’s “More” selection
• Smarter Airport Menu
• Bind applications to Spaces

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “thereal” for the heads up.]


  1. so he got his 5 minutes of fame. BFD, like we really give 2 shits about what he just said???? I’m suprised MDN even bothered to link this ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


  2. IT Guy.. Cover flow and stacks are not “refinements”… they are entirely new features.

    Microsoft spent a lot of time advertising its less useful window management schemes….as bad as they are.. they are one of the only reasons to “upgrade” to Vista Premium.

  3. I’m really excited, there appear to be a lot of little touches but they seem to be the sort of thing that finishes the jigsaw as it were. We seem to be due for far more system wide consistency and a lot of things to take advantage of that which may not have worked in isolation before.

  4. well, in Leopard it looks like the Finder still sucks donkeynuts and Spotlight still is a fix for a problem that doesn’t exist the way Apple wants us to believe. Okay, spotlight could be handy at times…if it wouldn’t be such a pain in the arse to use. Now utils like Pathfinder, Quicksilver, Forklift, ABFR or Yojimbo…these are the small things that makes the OS truly superior.

  5. Other ‘important’ things that should be added to such an informative list.

    • Leopard will arrive on new disks
    • The package it comes in was sealed closed in 2007
    • The ‘About this Mac’ window now says ‘Version 10.5’
    • Also in this window it now says ‘TM & © 1983-2007….’

  6. Actually Panther had the most exciting new features to me. Tiger is good ( I love that Dictionary), but most of the new features of Tiger simply weren’t breath-taking. Now we have Leopard. I know that other Mac users are excited about graphic icons and Stacks, but I’m not all that excited about that for another $130. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a troll.

    Now quicker response time is fantastic. I would like to see some improvements with syncing cell phones and other devices, and better communications with Windows networks, printers and scanners.

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