Imagination license deal with Apple for next-gen iPhone, Apple TV products?

“Imagination Technologies Group plc, a licensor of graphics cores, has announced it has licensed a ‘next-generation’ graphics and video core to an international electronics systems company under a multi-use licensing agreement,” Peter Clarke reports for EE Times Europe.

“Observers frequenting bulletin board investment forums are speculating that the unnamed systems company could be Apple Inc.,” Clarke reports.

Clarke reports, “Observers have speculated that Apple will use the SGX 3D graphics and video cores in forthcoming products, with future generations of the iPhone as obvious candidates. The SGX core may also, or alternatively, be destined for inclusion in an Apple IPTV product, one observer said.”

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  1. “…..Who gives a crop? When are we going to get new Mac Pros?”

    Yeah, because those 3.0ghz Octa-Core Mac Pros are really lacking in performance now that they are almost four months old…

  2. @BustingTheSkullsOfIdiot
    Yeah man, let’s stage a sit-in until we get concrete news.
    Hell we can speculate that a wi-fi iChat is going to be include in every 6G iPod because so many people would just love it but it is just wrong to wear us out like that. I am going into MDN spec burnout re-hab. anyone coming?

  3. I am going to be a seriously pissed off Apple customer if we don’t get a new iMac AND Mac mini in October to go with Leopard.

    I have wanted a Mac mini for an HDTV PVR for over a year – why the hell can’t Apple put a Core 2 Duo in there and a decent graphics card and call it a day? Blue Ray drive would be nice but at this point, I just want something that will play a 1080i video over a 100MB network!

  4. Nothing wrong with current Mac Pros except that they’re too expensive. I don’t have $4,000 dollars for a computer. Nor do I need 8-cores which can’t be properly used by our current OS anyway. (Which is the ONLY update to Pros since intro of Intels!) What’s the bus speed on the Quads :(? FB-DIMMS EOL :(. Price drop better come soon. How about a reasonably priced tower? Q6600?

    I guess I could run out and buy a $600 phone. Oh wait, I can’t render on that can I? Oh but it’s OS X so it’s a Mac! Oh or I could buy a damn TV box so I can watch TV, on a TV! Revelation! BS!

  5. @me

    rumor is that the mini is to be discontinued, so don’t hold your breadth. I’m hoping for a mini tower with a fast Core 2 Duo, at least four RAM slots, graphic card slot, room for two hard drive, and at least two PCI slots.

  6. @No Squirt

    That was funny. If it was not for the entertaining comments like yours, I’d take a vacation from MDN until the Apple site announces a release ofsomething groovy. My brain feels grey from all the speculation. I’d love to have someone be wrong and admit they were letting their lower GIT talk for them.

    “I’m speculating that Condolezza Rice will be appointed to the board of Apple after she and GW are impeached,” says my lower GIT.

    MDN word – federal


  7. I’m not happy.

    My Dual Processor G5 performs so much better than this brand new dual core Intel processor in my MacBook Pro.

    I hardly ever get a spinning beach ball with my G5 but on this laptop, which is supposed to be sooo much better, I get spinning balls all the time.

    I’ve noticed that when one program is working, say iWeb, I can’t immediatly run another program nearly as well.

    You see, the dual core processors are hobbled by a single slow frontside bus, on my dual processor (single core each) I got a fast frontside bus PER processor, so I can immediatly run another program just as fast as the first, the only bottleneck being the hard drive of course, which a RAID 0 boot drive and plenty of RAM, effectively releives that.

    SO what’s the use of having a OctoPro, two quad cores, if each quad core processor is hobbled by a slow frontside bus?

    Supposely with a octopro, one should be able to run 8 programs at full power, to match the 8 cores. But because there is only two buses, that means only two programs can run at optimal speed.

    It’s nearly impossible to write multi-threaded apps to perform well because the only performance gain is when a job is big enough to be split amongst other processors.

    Sure it’s possible to chain a job to another processor which then would exit to the graphics card or hard drive, but with a slow frontside bus, any gains are effectively destroyed.

    I test drove a OctoPro at a Apple Store, running several programs, movies etc., at the same time. The computer froze up several times and I had to force quit. I couldn’t run two or three 3D games each in their own window as I can on a dual processor G5.

    My Dual Processor G5 has only froze up once under the same strain.

    So basically, the only benefit with these new multi-core processors is if there is a large CPU intensive task and if the software is written to take advantage of multi-cores. So we are talking video encoding, 3D rendering mostly.

    Large multi-tasking jobs, with intense I/O action, is effectively crippled. This is what most computer users need for substancial time savings.

    So for most, a Dual Proccesor G5 with a RAID 0 boot drive will give better overall performance and get more done. Unless one needs intense CPU action, with little I/O, then the OctoPro is the way to go.

    So one doesn’t need to spend the big bucks for a Octo.

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