Why Apple is beating Microsoft

“The recent joint interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 highlighted for me what makes Apple a great company, and why Microsoft continues to struggle on all fronts except Windows and Office,” Danny Gorog writes for APC Magazine.

“Both leaders are visionaries, that is for sure. In fact Gates built the first software company when nobody knew what a software company was, and subsequently conquered the market. His approach to selling DOS and then Windows to anybody that would buy it made sense in the early days. But he was lucky as well. Lucky that Apple didn’t pursue the same ‘license the OS’ strategy, because if it had there’s no doubt that Apple would have a larger share of the PC market than the 5% it now enjoys,” Gorog writes.

“But like Steve said at D5, the era of the PC is largely over. Most innovation now is happening on what he calls post-PC devices, like music players and mobile phones. And that is what Apple is focusing on,” Gorog writes. “Microsoft, however, still doesn’t get it and I believe the lack of understanding comes from the top. Gates still maintains that tablet PCs are going to take over the world, that Microsoft will eventually dethrone Google to be the new leader in search, that Zune will eventually rival the iPod for market share and that Microsoft has already conquered the smart phone market. Somebody please tell the man he is dreaming.”

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  1. @No he doesn’t believe any of that

    “The Zune won’t really sell well until there are a ton of them out there. But once that happens, sales will skyrocket.”

    Oh really. Well, there won’t be a ton of them out there until they really sell well.

    I commute everyday to work via public transportation in one of the most densely populated areas in the US. I have yet to spot even one Zune.

    You either (1) work for the Microsoft or (2) are mentally disabled. .

  2. Oh by the way tip for APP or apple dev

    We could make a SBS
    for Mac

    ie same as MS:> Small business Server
    one server with mail exchange
    File server
    NS server
    Virus Server
    Smap Filter

    all in one :
    Good for business systems

  3. hey Jord:
    what ecver:

    Words lol is crap, sorry also there are allot of alternatives now,

    Gee man all it does it type woooo.
    what does windows do??? I will tell you

    Word Office

    Which are now SQl anyway so

    alll Pro apps are Novel , Linux, Sun, windows will be around

  4. for a while

    gee many high skilled tech people who use windows will tell you its shit

    Start /shutdown ??????

    Word fuc is junk
    excel is great I aggree

    um Accounting systems, OK,

    im thats about it
    servers are OK,

    Man windows Dude get alife

    can you please open system folder and tell me you think this is cool

    gee dude man

  5. Bill Gate’s vision of the future is totally flawed.

    After seeing the video podcast of that interview my final impressions of BG was that he is totally out of touch with what works in the modern world.

    BG was, and still is a ‘one trick pony’. He isnt a visionary by a long shot. Wheras the impression I got from SJ was that he is right on the cutting edge pulse of what is gonna happen.

    This is the big difference between the two companies to me and the reason why Apple is winning against Microsoft on all fronts now.

    The consumer market is constantly changing (unlike the corporate market), people desire new trends and products continually and Apple have been 1st class on getting this exactly right, wheras Microsoft on the other hand just cannot see it at all because they are totally out of touch with consumers.

    Consumers are not idiots these days, gone are the days of trying to fool people into buying an inferior product. Quality ALWAYS wind customers – not inferior products.

  6. anthony,

    I bet some of Apple’s customers are gay. That may come as a shock to you but hey, that’s business. If you want to talk all things mac that’s cool. And there’s a million and one ways to describe Gates and Uncle Fester without insulting potential and actual Apple customers. Remember, Apple and all things Apple is a broad church and we accept everyone into that church, even you.

  7. Wasnt Bill Gates also the person who stood up and told the world’s IT press that “there was no future in the internet”?

    Just shows how wrong a person can be, especially someone who is supposed to be a ‘visionary’.

    I suggest you change your glasses Mr Gates, maybe then you will see what is actually happening in the real world. And only then will you ever start to be a visionary…

  8. “The Zune won’t really sell well until there are a ton of them out there. But once that happens, sales will skyrocket.”

    Um, that’s kinda the catch 22 isn’t it? Until sales improve you won’t see many of them out there. And according to you, until you see them out there sales won’t improve.

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