UK company preps Apple iPhone unlocking app

“A company that unlocks cell phones in Europe said it is close to having an application that will allow customers to unlock their Apple iPhones so they can use SIM cards from carriers other than AT&T to activate the phones,” Elizabeth Montalbano reports for IDG News Service.

“In an interview this week in New York, John McLaughlin, founder of Belfast, U.K.-based Uniquephones, said he has engineers working around the clock in several countries who are close to cracking the complex security system Apple has set up to ensure customers can only use iPhones with AT&T Wireless service,” Montalbano reports.

“The race by hackers to unlock iPhones has been on since the phone was released last Friday. Currently, AT&T Wireless has an exclusive deal with Apple to provide service for iPhones, and customers must agree to a two-year service plan with the company. However, customers have complained that the carrier’s wireless service is slow, and according to McLaughlin, there has been tremendous interest in the ability to unlock the phone,” Montalbano reports.

Montalbano reports, “By Sunday night, he said, more than 150,000 inquires had come in through the Web site he set up to request IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers from customer iPhones. While not everyone would volunteer their IMEI numbers, they still expressed interest in learning how to unlock their iPhones, McLaughlin said.”

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  1. “However, customers have complained that the carrier’s wireless service is slow, and according to McLaughlin, there has been tremendous interest in the ability to unlock the phone,”

    Then Mclaughlin, you and everyone who says this is a reason is a MORON. iPhone has EDGE, EDGE is EDGE. Tmobiles EDGE is not magically faster then AT&Ts;.

    And in my own personal use, 90% of the time Edge on Att is pretty quick. enough to allow browsing the web and an occasional you tube.

  2. “However, customers have complained that the carrier’s wireless service is slow”

    I think it will be even slower on another carrier, since there is no 3G chip in the phone, and therefore will not be able to access a 3G network.

  3. It would be nice to have an iPhone even without some of the AT&T specific stuff. Just a simple phone, Wi-Fi and iPod would satisfy me. It sure would beat the hell outta the crappy phone I have now. And I bought it unlocked, too! Although 8GB is pretty thin memorywise for music, never mind video, especially since the iPhone’s OS uses around 700MB. Then what does an 8GB drive give you formatted?

    Makes one wonder, if they do manage to crack the iPhone if Apple will go after them.

    If they make it, download it FAST! It’ll probably be gone quickly.

  4. I am hoping for an unlocked version!!

    Mexico has not even been mentioned for iPhones, but Telmex is GSM, even if it will not have all the features

    we just got the Razr last December, but I am using one from the States, that I got unlocked and popped in a TelMex simm card

  5. “Unlocking cell phones is not illegal.” -joooop

    hey joooop,

    Unlocking a cellphone may not be, but to break Apples Security measures is almost definitely illegal, and if its not breaking the law, its definitely violating Apples or ATTs ToS, which is stated on the plastic covering the iphone. you must agree to the terms before you use the device.

  6. iPhone Phreak,
    Yeah, you would have to whip the drive – into submission – in order to install Winblows mobile on the iPhone. That would be like putting a Gremlin engine in your BMW.

  7. This sounds like a profiteering scum.

    You pay to have your iphone unlocked,

    You open your iphone to crap since you have just handed over your IMEI number.

    Apple release an upgrade, you miss out!
    Apple release new functionality, you miss out!!
    Developers release new software, you miss out!!!

    You have enough of missing out so you pop into an Apple shop to request the geniuses fix your iphone.

    You find out that you have invalidated your guarantee and therefor have to pay a lot more to have it fixed and reset to the factory mode.

    You discover that you really are a nonce because you are back to square one having spent a fortune trying to be clever!!!

    I imagine that nonce’s comprise people new to the Apple platform and are therefor are either still windoze brainwashed or thinking differently on planet Zorb time! there logic has been Zorbed up!!!

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