Fortune: How Apple iPhone will change computing

Apple’s iPhone is a computer, not a phone, says Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick.

“It is impossible to explain why the iPhone has so completely captured the world’s imagination. But I think one major reason is that many of us who routinely use the web today instinctively feel we ought to be able to do so everywhere. Until now that has been impossible,” Kirkpatrick writes.

“The iPhone appears to be the kind of solution we have been waiting for. And the early built-in features, like Google maps with real-time traffic information demonstrate just what kinds of potential there is in real Internet features on a portable device,” Kirkpatrick writes.

“To hear Jobs talk, the iPhone is almost an extension of the Mac. I told him that as a Mac user I was concerned that the company’s work on the iPhone would distract attention from the steady improvement of OS X, the Mac’s operating system. To the contrary, he replied. Since the iPhone uses OS X as its fundamental software underpinning as well, its existence will in fact help OS X to evolve even faster, he said. I hope he proves right,” Kirkpatrick writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: You can read us, or you can read it in Fortune six months later: “Apple’s ‘iPhone’ isn’t really a phone at all. It’s really a small touchscreen Mac OS X computer, a Mac nano tablet, it you will. Here’s how misnamed the iPhone is: some people are complaining that Jobs didn’t spend enough time on the Mac in his keynote! Folks, iPhone is not only a Mac, it’s the most radical new Mac in years!” – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, The only thing really wrong with Apple’s iPhone is its name – January 09, 2007


  1. This should have read.”Apple changes the face of computing AGAIN!” They did it with the Lisa, they re-didi it with the imac, again with the ipod and its siblings and now with the……Yes! IPHONE!!!!!!! Daaah!

  2. Bullshit MDN and Stevejack. It’s not a Mac! Just because it runs OS X doesn’t make it a Mac. A Mac runs any program written for OS X. Not just apps for the built-in web browser.

    If an iPod ran on OS X would it be a Mac? Even thought it only played music and video? No.

    MDN you’ve become confused.

  3. I think this particular semantic issue is really where most doubters of the iPhone fail to see it’s significance. In their myopic view, they fail to see the iPhone as the most portable computer ever made, and to grasp that it’s functionality will grow in proportion to it’s ubiquity.

  4. Sorry MDN, gotta disagree…

    The Mac is a hell of a lot more than Safari, mail and widgets.. Some people actually use their Macs to do real work. iPhone is a portable internet device, not a Mac.

  5. Yes, they’re all Macs — the Macs themselves, the coming iPods, the iPhone and the Apple TV. That’s one fantastic family.

    Speaking of family, my son, who just separated from the Army as a captain with a thick wad of cash from savings and investments, followed my suggestions and bought almost 700 shares of AAPL. Those tax free years in Iraq, with nothing to spend his $$$ on, have paid off. We are an AAPL family and expect to be very prosperous in the coming years.

  6. Call it a bold prediction, but folks, there are going to be more
    iPhones sold the first week and first month than there were songs sold on iTunes the first week and the first month.
    The number of songs sold sure got the record companies attention, didn’t it? Now they are what?…third in line only less than WalMart and Best Buy in songs sold.
    This iPhone is the cats meow, and there is going to be a halo to the halo effect on this thing over the next few years.

  7. “Folks, iPhone is not only a Mac, it’s the most radical new Mac in years!”

    I totally agree. So much so that I’m actually replacing my seldom used PowerBook with one!

  8. “The Mac” to me, has always been about tight integration of software and hardware. The “computer” was and is only one manifestation of that combination. iPod/iTunes/iTunes Store is another and the iPhone is yet a third. As iPhone actually runs OSX, it IS a paradigm shift in how we use computers. Make no mistake…it is a computer…..

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