MacService debuts 200GB 7200RPM Hard Drive upgrade service for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro

MacService has introduced the first 200GB 7200RPM hard drive upgrade program for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. For $395 the service includes a new Hitachi 200GB 7200RPM hard drive, professional installation, roundtrip shipping and data transfer. This is the fastest 200GB hard drive available, previous 7200RPM drives were limited to 160GB in size.

“This drive is great for those who need fast access to large media files.” said Justin Sanderson, President of MacService, in the press release. “It is best suited for video and audio production using MacBooks or MacBook Pro’s.

MacService sends a courier to your location to retrieve your laptop. Once it arrives back at MacService, a certified technician installs the new drive and transfers the data over from your old drive. If your old hard drive is failing, a new operating system is installed. After the service is completed, your laptop is cleaned, tested and sent back to you, along with your old drive. All services are completed within 24 hours of arrival, according to MacService. Hitachi hard drives come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  1. Apple really should be adding this as a BTO (build-to-order) option sooner, rather than later. I can only imagine short battery life and heat are the only drawbacks. But video professionals like me who are drooling over the new 17″ 1920×1200 MBP really need this option.

  2. You know how easy it is to replace the Hard Drives in these??? It doesn’t require any sort of ‘professional installation’ to do. You can the drive itself an pop it in for about $150 less.

  3. Just look to the left, middle and right of your screen and recall when you visited this site for the first time. That will answer your question.

    Now you’re armed with superior knowledge. Good luck on your new discovery of the internet.

  4. @iScott

    1. I just checked the price on Hitachi drive and it looks like it is more in the neighborhood of $299, not $150. Plus add shipping.
    2. Each step to change the drive in a MB Pro might be “easy”, but their are about 120 steps if you count count each screw that needs to come out and go back in.

    I think that MacService is offering this installation and data transfer process (including shipping) for about $100 above the cost of the drive is both fair and useful for a large group of MB Pro owners.

    My only problem is that I wouldn’t want to be without my laptop for time it would take. I will probably attempt the swap myself, and when it goes horribly wrong I will toss all the screws and other flotsam and jetsam into a box and then send it to MacService.

  5. @Chris

    “When did Macdailynews become an advertising site?”

    Just because you don’t have a MB/MBP and/or don’t need this service, doesn’t mean others aren’t interested.

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