New PocketMac software extends Apple Remote capabilities for business users

The Apple Remote that comes free with Apple Macs can do more than it does by default. PocketMac Remote extends the capabilities of the Apple Remote to include controlling Apple’s Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Information Appliance Associates (IAA) has released their new presentation tool, PocketMac Remote, a software advance for Intel Mac owners who want to do more with their Apple Remote.

“We’re thrilled to release PocketMac Remote,” said Tim Goggin, VP of Sales & Marketing for IAA, in the press release. “With so many business people taking their PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on the road, it just makes sense to add the functionality to control those presentations with the cool little remote that comes with all of the new Intel Macs.”

PocketMac Remote works by re-routing the play/pause, volume control and forward/back buttons so they effectively control business people’s presentations in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote application.

Goggin continues, “This great little app works. And it’s so simple to use…just run it, open your presentation and you’re ready to talk in front of a crowd of 10 or 10,000.”

A special bonus report on maximizing presentations will be included for the first 1,000 customers.

PocketMac Remote is available for US$9.95.

More info and download link here.

MacDailyNews Take: Presenters who have Macs and use PowerPoint are doing themselves and their audiences a disservice. Switch to Apple’s Keynote and your presentations will improve drastically, as will your audience’s mood.


  1. I just gave a Keynote yesterday and let me tell you, it never ceases to awe the awedience [pun]. I like to put the reflections transition on one of the first slides because it never fails to perk up the people in the room. iWork was a great value, even on my budget.

  2. I’m in a business referral group and I used keynote (with the remote, worked fine for me too) and one of the members, a web designer asked how did I do the presentations. He thought they were amazing and asked if I had used flash. He was surprised to say the least that I used Keynote. It looks so simple people don’t take it seriously.

    MDN word = OPEN, open your minds.

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