UBS reiterates ‘buy’ on Apple, hikes price target to $160

UBS analyst Benjamin Reitzes has reiterated the firm’s “buy” rating on Apple Inc. (AAPL) and hiked the target price 20% from $133 to $160.

Reitzes wrote in a note to clients that Apple could ship 150,000 iPhones in the third quarter and 800,000 in the fourth quarter.

“iPhone and free cash flow potential is even greater than investors realize,” Reitzes wrote.


  1. PJ opened the floodgates this morning with its target upgrade to $160. I think its fair to say you will see many target price revisions in the coming days.

    In any event, its good for us that own AAPL already, as it’l just keep the rally going.

    MDN word: bed, as in the analysts are in bed with Apple this year.

  2. Just for fun I did a google search on Laura Goldman, the analyst who prognosticated that we should all see aapl because it was going to tank. Turns out she’s a middle-aged writer and op/ed contributor who runs investments on the side, probably out of her house in Israel.

    Ya just gotta wonder how much $$ she’s lost, or cost her customers in the last couple of weeks.

  3. Well

    The Federal government just insituted a partial ban on all of Qualcomm 3G based phones and chips into the US because of a patent dispute.

    Apparantly this is going to affect all phone carrier’s, including AT&T as they are all either building or have 3G networks.

    AT&T is still building theirs, so the iPhone uses the older 2G (upgraded to 2.5G) Edge network which by good luck or smart move, doesn’t use the Qualcomm 3G chips.

    The other carriers like Sprint and Verison, use the 3G chips and therefore cannot import any NEW phones, only existing models. Motorolla, SamSung and other cell phone makers are screwed to introduce new phones, even iPhone copies, based upon 3G technology, until the patent dispute is resolved.

    It’s been estimated it would take two years to get things in 3G working again.

    Two years for the iPhone to get well established. However, it’s two years of SLOW 2G technology.

    I got a Edge network phone and it’s slow, the full web experience of Safari on the iPhone is just going to be absolutly painful.

    However, there is WiFi. Sooooo…..

    All the folks who have Version and Sprint, with their contracts expiring in two years and can’t get a new 3G phone, may look at the iPhone but might not go for it until it has 3G.

    The iPhone really really needs 3G, so it could be two years before it gets it.

    Lots of time for upgrades….

    MDW: Picture “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  4. “It’s exciting, but a bit spooky to me.”

    It may seem spookier because the price is in triple digits with no sign of splitting. If it was 62$ share after a split it would SEEM less spooky.

    I wouldn’t worry about Apple so much as I would worry about an overall downturn in the market. The price of oil, the housing busts are far spookier than anything Apple could do.

  5. If you used to use Windows and now use OSX – how would you be surprised that Apple shgares are climbing.

    My surprise is that Microsoft shares aren’t falling further.

    Forget iPhone and iPod, it’s ALL about OS X. It’s the OS that sooner or later everyone is going to want to use.

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