Why most people should buy an Apple Mac

“If you’re an ‘average’ computer user, choosing to buy a Mac is the right decision,” Danny Gorog writes for APC Magazine.

“On the whole, the ordinary person needs a computer that lets them email, surf the web, write letters and documents, browse and edit digital photos, rip and listen to music and watch DVDs. They might dabble in P2P and Skype,” Gorog writes. “For those users, a Mac is absolutely ideal, and the only decision they need to make is whether to by an Apple notebook or desktop.”

Gorog writes, “Macs are first class computers when it comes to internet connectivity, with a great default web browser and networking configuration that is dramatically easier than Windows’ gordian knot.”

“If you’re still working on an assumption from a few years ago that Macs are too expensive and a PC is far better value, do yourself a favour and do a feature-by-feature analysis comparing a Macbook to the latest from HP, Toshiba or Dell (they’ll be the ones in the Harris Technology catalogue with memorable names like GXA-5456a). I guarantee that you’ll find in an even-featured match that the Mac stacks up well,” Gorog writes.

“Users who have done the above analysis and still buy a PC are plain stubborn. The truth is, as much as they don’t want to admit it, some people are simply slaves to their PCs and Windows. It’s a weird sado-masochistic bondage fetish: they take pride in routinely keeping their security suite up-to-date, installing all the latest Windows patches and religiously staying on the lookout for new vulnerabilities,” Gorog writes.

“Most Windows users who move over to a Mac quickly discover how much they don’t need Windows,” Gorog writes. “And, of course, [if you get] a Mac, [you’ll] also get OS X, clearly the most advanced desktop operating system (still miles ahead of Windows Vista in most areas) plus the iLife suite that will literally transform the way you consume and create your digital media. And you’ll buy in to a community of users who actually care about their platform and are enthusiastic about helping other Mac users,” Gorog writes.

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  1. Are you sure that is the typical computer user… or is it my Dad, who surfs, writes emails, budgets, and… oh, there isn’t an and… he has no idea what P2P or Skype are… he doesn’t own a single DVD or CD… his digital photos are all filed by the Kodak application that came with the camera… and he has been brain-washed into thinking that applications (as if he used more than six) aren’t available for the Mac. How does Apple get him to switch?

  2. Dacracot:
    Y’know, I’ve had this same problem with some of my relatives. I used to try to evangelize them, but all I got was blank stares and a bit of hostility.

    I’m sort of the official family-get-together photographer, so that was my excuse to bring my PowerBook around and just work with it. I think eventually, they started to get the message. I had fun with it and so could everyone else. I could keep everyone up to speed on some cool projects… CAD, 3D, etc. and do photo slide shows, etc. I’ve even given iPods to the college grads!

    Face it, Macs are a heckuva lotta fun… I ain’t just talkin’ games… AND serious WORK machines, too.
    The PC users I know tend to fear their computers, or at least be very very careful what they do with them and how they do it.
    We Mac users LOVE our Macs. When they see us using, working, playing on them it’s infectious AND the message gets across in a much more powerful way!

    I’ve had 2 family people switch recently and gotten serious interest from 2 others. Pretty soon, we’ll be an 80% Mac family! Those few blasted holdouts… I’ll get them eventually!

  3. I’m the only person in my entire family who uses Macs. Everyone else is, sad to say, a PC lemming type of user. They don’t know a single thing about the world of Macs, and the very few that have ever heard of Macs pretty much think those same tired clichés that PC nerds have been clinging to for years.

    They use PC’s for no other reason than that they are ubiquitous, and for some people that means a lot. I have a brother-in-law who is pretty much the default family “IT guy” – a real PC head, who just loves to “build” computers for this or that person in the family, and whenever someone has a problem with their computer, he’s the go-to guy.

    I honestly think he’d rather eat his own foot than ever consider the horrid notion of ever getting a Mac – although like all other Mac scoffers, he’s never used one and has no idea how far off his preconceptions are from reality. He tends to enjoy all of that ridiculous Windows maintenance crap.

    And now Vista is the next big thing for all of them to get. Ooohhh, Aaahhh, Vista! The wow starts now!

    I never cease to be astonished when I hear them discussing this or that computer woe – problems which are non-issues on Macs – and they talk about these things like it’s just a natural inevitable part of computer life. *rolls eyes*

    Meanwhile, I’ve turned out by far the most creative home movies on DVD, photo collections, websites, and other stuff, than anyone in my family – and unlike some of them, my hard drive has never been hosed by a virus. They all know this, and they all know I use a Mac, but they still just don’t get it.

    I remember one time a few years back when I was talking about how great it was for me and my girlfriend to use iChat to have face-to-face conversations when I am on the road, and one family member shot off, “Yeah, I’ve already been doing that kind of thing on my PC”. I said, “Uh, no, not like this”. They were indignant, so I showed them.

    When they saw that it was a large beautiful picture moving at 30 frames per second and clear audio, while theirs was a small, darkish, grainy picture that moved at barely 10 frames per second with crappy audio, they didn’t know what to say. Yet the family “computer expert” recommends PC’s, and anyone will be damned before they recognize the fact that anyone recommending PC’s over Macs is a friggin idiot.

    All this is to say what most of us here already know, which is that PC’s dominate for no other reason than absolute jaw dropping ignorance. Period. End of story.

  4. Ok, I’m a Mac fan. Own 3 Macs, 2 iPods and a bunch of other Apple gear. But man, this is getting old. Is MDN the propaganda arm of Apple? Come on MDN, you can admit it to us…we’re your closest friends!

  5. @Oops….

    I had much the same experience until the invention of BootCamp. Since it’s release last year I’ve changed tactics by letting my windows lemming friends know that they can have windows (security blanket), AND all of the creative apps that Apple provides. They continue to use Windows for about 6 months after switching then they become more excited about Apple that I ever was.

    37 friends/friends of friends/ and acquaintances switched and counting. All since bootcamp.

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