Netscape Navigator 9.0 beta 1 released

Netscape Navigator 9.0b1 has been released and is available as a standalone installation for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Note that the automatic update feature in your current Netscape browser will not upgrade to 9.0. Please download the new version now for the newest updates.

Navigator 9 Features:
• Social Integration: Share and vote for webpages that you find interesting. Add friends and get their favorite stories in your sidebar.
• News in the Browser: Follow the latest news directly from your browser. Customize your News menu to only show your favorite sections.
• URL correction: Let Navigator fix common typing mistakes in URLs.
• Link Pad: Save interesting links for later without cluttering your bookmarks.

More info and download link here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dennis C.” for the heads up.]


  1. I used the bundled Netscape, as a Newbie, on my first generation iMac (333hz.) I was advised to rid my machine of the addtionally bundled Explorer. It was explained that I should search out every last vestige of Explorer and trash it as soon as possible. I dutifully did so, and strangely enough my random freezes pretty much stopped.
    Those were the days of dial-up and OS8.6. . . . After I got a digital camera, and saw what Photoshop could do, my machine had gracefully aged but was now severely obsolete.
    About the time that Jaguar came along, I plunked down the money and got a Twin 1.25 G4 with a full gig of RAM. This was at an early Apple Store. The sales guy thought I was some kind of hero or something.
    By the specs you can see that almost five years afterwards this remains as a formidable machine. Oh yeah, and I got a screen that remained the highest rated in the industry for nearly three years, the 23 inch Cinema Display.
    Now, for the price I paid for the screen alone, I could get a Macbook and a 24 inch iMac. . . . But man, I’ve had a first-rate computer and screen for five years. . . . Wow!
    But now I see an upgraded Leopard Mini in my future. I can use the G4 for backup, and I won’t have to listen to the jet engines (fans) anymore.

  2. MadMac,

    Hope you won’t mind me voicing my opinion, but I wouldn’t have taken the passive route. Sometimes a firm stance is enough to cause a change of heart. Maybe that’s what she needed… I’m not pointing fingers; just hope my words will help.

    Wish you all the best.

  3. msr…
    I care. I’m the one person in the world who still uses Netscape. I mean it’s just FireFox anyway, right? I feel honored the company went to all the trouble to upgrade my browser. What happened to version 8 I’ve been waiting for.

  4. I had not heard that Mozilla got Netscape. I thought AOL still had it and was continuing to destroy it. If I separate the bad stuff AOL injected into it, I still like it and use it on occasion. Maybe this new version will fix some of the things that needed fixing though.

  5. MadMac’s relationship with his wife may in fact be healthier than most: many couples have affairs on the sly, whereas at least MadMac and his wife are being completely open with eachother about it. And many people have affairs because of the temptation of the ‘forbidden fruit’; if you just let them go, they will often gain a new apprecviation for you (because of the freedom you give them) and come back to you. And if she doesn’t come back, then it probably wasn’t working out anyway.

    Still, I’m sure this isn’t what we came to a mac forum to read!

  6. MadMac doesn’t own his wife nor does he own her will you dipstik, all spouses are free individuals. The fact that they discussed it at all and he might have said “I hope I’m here when you are done” shows a lot of self respect and balls, So what do you think that intimidating someone into staying leads to a healthy relationship…sssssshh dreamer.

  7. @Madmac
    Well your news is certainly more interesting than a new release of Netscape. Wow. Marriage is not a “pick and choose” arrangement, however. Does your wife still expect the social prestige of being married; the joint financial support; the emotional support etc? And how does she propose to support you emotionally in your disarray and discomfort as she desports herself with the men of her choosing?

    Yes, by all means set her free. Set her free right out the door.

    And change the locks.

    mw=former (as in wife)

  8. @ MadMac, Invite this man over for an interview so that you know what she is getting into, the last thing you want is picking up some M$ virus that could require you to Ctrl+Alt+Delete your life.

    Give him a cup of fresh warm Camels Milk, make sure he drinks it.

    He will fart the Dallas theme tune causing your Mrs. to run for her wife!!!

  9. @MadMac,
    You’ve got BALLS! Hope it all works out for the best!

    @Camel Milk Drinker
    I suppose your advice is tried and tested? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” /> And where do the heck you get Camel’s milk?

    MW: nature, as in its human nature to be curious…

  10. @MadMac

    You deserve to have your testicles removed. You are not a man!

    By the way, can I cum all over your wife’s face after making harcore anal sex with here?

    I love when people talk about this like if it was a beautiful thing to let a couple play around with other people… that’s not love, that’s just sperm, sweaty balls, anal sex, breast stroking and such.

    Geeee I can only imagine him kissing the wife goodnight and smelling her cum breath.

  11. Navigator was the first browser I ever used, which is why I downloaded it for old times’ sake. There is just one web site I need to access that isn’t available to me on Safari, Camino, Firefox or Mac IE. I usually have to access it via VirtualPC.

    However, the new version of Navigator opened this once inaccessible site without any problems. It is therefore a valuable browser for those minority sites that don’t work for Macintosh.

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