Apple Inc. market value hits $100 billion

Apple StoreIn intraday NASDAQ trading today, Apple Inc. hit $100 billion in market value for the first time in company history.

Apple traded as high as $116.06 per share today, with 861,875,000 shares outstanding, to hit a market value of $100,029,212,500.

Apple gave bakc some of the earlier gains and is currently trading at $115.10, up $0.75, or 0.66% with a market value of $99,201,812,500.

To put this into perspective, some other market values of selected companies include:
• Microsoft: $301,505,348,060
• Intel: $126,758,660,000
• HP: $121,245,725,547
• Dell: $59,334,557,680
• Sony: $57,039,927,560

AAPL quote via NASDAQ here.


  1. Yeah, but MSFT is scorching the markets today with the announcement of their new tabletop PC! It’s . . . uh . . . wait a minute. It’s down $.02 right now.

    But AAPL is up $.89 to an all-time high. Hmmmmm. Where are all those “SELL SELL SELL” and “Stock Boy” doomsdayers now?

  2. When stock traders sell has almost nothing to do with apple doing good or not. The short term traders will profit take when they think everyone else will be willing to buy at a high price which will be right before or right after the iPhone launch. At that time the average long term investor is going to be looking to buy AAPL. If they were to try and sell right now the price would drop like a rock because there would not be as many people willing to buy right now because they don’t know how the iPhone will do.

  3. HP…have you checked your rear view mirror lately? Please move over to the right lane and show courtesy
    towards those blowing past you. Your OS dependency
    is like a lead weight and is slowing you down.
    Too bad you gave Carly the axe…she at least had a vision.

  4. They’ve got it all wrong…Enderle, Thurrott and the others were right after all, Apple is going bust. It just took longer for everyone to see what they saw and wrote.

    Must be really crap to be them just now…

  5. Apple should just buy Dell and force them to stop producing all their Windoze boxes. The net effect would be increased market share for Apple and dramatically decreased market access for Micro$hafts crapware.

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