CNBC: Apple iPhone to be released June 20th

Apple StoreCNBC is reporting on air that the iPhone will be released on June 20th.

According to MacRumors, “iPhone sales/support training runs from May 30th – June 20th, giving more credibility to the June 20th date.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MadMac” for the heads up.]


  1. GPS, AM/FM radio, more storage capacity, 3G, better camera w/zoom.

    I’ve had plenty of toys, the “wow” factor and being able to impress your friends wears off real fast. If you show it around, you create jealousy and in danger of being viewed as cultist.

    Then comes the actual long term use of the product, getting value for your hard earned money.

    I use my TomTom, I use my Razor to make calls. I use my 10 megapixel zoom camera. I use my Mac computer because of the bigger screen. I use my video iPod to store all my music only. I use the radio to listen to other things. If I run I’ll use the shuffle occassionally.

    I don’t use the camera phone, it’s totally lame. I don’t use the web on my phone, Cingular’s Edge is annoying slow. I pay a fortune for media service and hardly use it.
    I don’t use the Razor to play music, the storage is too little, if I did the battery would run down.

    So until the iPhone’s capability catches up to the level of all my other devices, it’s not worth replacing them with a iPhone.

    Sure the drool factor is big, but it’s not practical yet.

  2. Is it “the 20th, or by the 20th? The 11th-15th is WWDC. I think Steve at least needs to receive an audible call near the end of the keynote announcing the release date in order to create even more hype and longer lines waiting at the stores the next week, so the media will give it the top story, but I don’t want the iPhone to muddy up Leopard, though.

  3. I hope Steve Jobs will give a brief display of new iPhone program/widgets, etc., and show how they integrate with Leopard.
    So get your iPod video out, buy the cool new Lost game on iTunes for 5 smackeroos, and get in line on the 20th.

  4. GPS would be cute, but I couldn’t care less about am/fm radio. There are always better features in the future – in the mean time, I need a phone…

    Now comes the ‘where-to-get-it’ game. The Cingular mini-store down the street said, and I quote, “we’re fighting to get a few”. I took from that statement that they won’t be available at all Cingular stores. There is one Apple store here in Richmond, and the faithful are probably already lined up there. What to do?

  5. The real BOMB to drop on WWDC would be an iPhone SDK. Steve could say there’s no guarantee that third-party apps developed for the phone will make it into general distribution, but it would sure get people excited about the platform and put an end to this “closed” phone nonsense.

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