Analyst Munster: WWDC all about Leopard, new MacBook Pros, not iPhone; 6G iPod coming ‘early autumn’

Apple Store“Apple will not be showing off its much-vaunted iPhone at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), according to… PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster,” Gregg Keizer reports for PC Advisor.

Keizer reports, “CEO Steve Jobs will flesh out previously undisclosed features of its forthcoming new operating system (Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard), announce new MacBook Pro models, and possibly a revamped iMac desktop lineup.”

“Speculation is rife that Apple will show LED-backlit MacBook Pros using the new Intel Santa Rosa chipset,” Keizer reports. “Munster also predicted that a widescreen iPod (essentially a stripped iPhone) would ship in early autumn [for aroun] US$399.”

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  1. Prognostication is fun.

    How hard is it to predict a stripped down iPhone? It’s certainly not an “if” type of speculation.

    Or new MacBook Pros? Hmmm.

    We need some meat, some “lose-your-job” disclosure with all the litigious trimmings.

  2. Yeah … like an analyst has any idea what’s in the keynote! Well … it may be mostly true. I hardly expected the hour-and-a-half iPhone keynote – with hardly a mention of Macs. But … this will be showing up in a month and won’t be mentioned?

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod-Cast

  3. I took a stroll into a Apple store to consider a laptop for my road trip this summer.

    I thought a MacBook would be nice and then I saw the horrible cheap looking glossy screens.

    My eyes began to hurt immediatly from the reflection of the overhead lights seen on the screen, I couldn’t see the screen well because of the reflection.

    I cruised over to the MacBook Pro’s and was welcomed with a nice matte screen. Unfortunatly I hear of battery swelling with these machines and heat issues.

    I hope Apple addresses both issues, because I would like a nice cool MacBook with matte screen, not glossy.

  4. @ Almost Not a Mac User Anymore

    Agreed. I own a MacBook and I can’t stand this screen. Sure it’s coll and all under the right lighting conditions but when the light is not great (go figure, being somewhere with bad lights using a MOBILE computer) it’s BAD. Should have a matte option for the MacBook as well.

    Glossy is only good for indoors.

  5. as one of many self impressed idea bloated opinionaters I have nothing signifcant to add except more hot air and wasted electrons in the pursuit of self agrandizement. Long live blogs, the internet, useless contributions, and useless contributers… cheers to one and all…


    You know I looked at other hardware sites, there is wealth of options on the PC side.

    There is a quad core portable tower that is the size of a small briefcase, it even comes with handles. It can hold four hard drives and plenty of ram, has more than enough ports.

    Then there are SantaRose and even Quad core laptops.

    The hardware choices are plentiful. I feel entrapted by Mac OS X now, because it will only run on Apple’s rather limited hardware.

    Vista totally sucks, that I know, but I got to have my Matte screen affordable laptop!

    Please Apple, I don’t want to leave, but if you can’t pay attention to millions of your customers needs with your “one size fit’s all” type product line, then I’ll have to leave.

    Respectfully yours, Almost Gone.

  7. @ Almost Not a Mac User Anymore
    You really haven’t looked at the MBP close enough if you claim that MBP has a better screen. MBP 17″, maybe, but 15″ with it’s matte and glossy “sparkly” screen is terrible. I know, because I’ve just returned one and bought MB. MB has a much better screen in terms of silky smooth colors. Also if you play a little bit with MB (not just glimpse at it in the store as you did) you will find, that it is easy to adjust the MB screen indoors so that you don’t get any reflections. It becomes a second nature after a while. MBP is you play with it will make your eyes burn. It has a 3D look to it and it’s all sparkly and grainy.

  8. Wow, so they won’t be spending time on a consumer product at a developer’s conference? I’m flabbergasted!

    We went through this bullcrap last year, with people whining about no new iPod being introduced at the WWDC.

    People, please get it through your heads: This is a developer’s conference. It is for developers. Not consumers. The focus will be on products of interest to developers, like new high-end Macs and software.

  9. that it is easy to adjust the MB screen indoors so that you don’t get any reflections.

    Now how is one supposed to do that? I can’t adjust the sun or office/library/wifi spot lighting to eliminate the glare off of a manufactured glossy screen.

    You see scientists found out what causes eyestrain in CRT’s. It’s because the glass causes a slight reflection and your eyes are constantly adjusting between the two images.

    When matte LCD’s came out, my eyes felt 1000% better and I could stay online for hours without any headaches.

    But as soon as I took a few minutes looking at the MB glossy screen, my eyes were tired and I caught myself rubbing them much like when I had a CRT. Sure enough I had a headache in a few minutes and needed to go lie down.

    You know, computers are tools and some of us need to work with them. Not be having them all flashy and drool worthy to the point that it’s a hazzard to our health.

    I hope Apple reconsiders their mistake, because according to polls, people who have used computers for a long time like matte screens better.

    I can see glossy having a appeal to the younger crowd who hasn’t exerpienced eye strain daily.

    31,000 votes can’t be wrong.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Apple is going to release a 6GB wide screen iPod. If they’re going to release a wide screen iPod it will be at least a 30 or 40GB device. There’s absolutely no way Apple’s going to remove the cellular technology from an iPhone and then just sell it. Give me a break.

  11. I thought a MacBook would be nice and then I saw the horrible cheap looking glossy screens.

    Glossy screens aren’t cheap you putz. They look fantastic. You’d prefer a circa 1998 LCD which fades when you adjust the angle??

    Glossy is great for a media center laptop (widescreen)

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