Al Gore’s three 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays

TIME Magazine has published a photo essay, “Al Gore’s American Life,” which shows former U.S. Vice President and current Apple Inc. Board of Directors member Al Gore’s personal computer setup which features no less than three 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays which are each capable of 2560 x 1600 resolution:

See the full image, which includes Gore’s very cluttered office, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Gore enjoys (screen) real estate, but you’d think that massive monitor setup would help Gore achieve something much closer to a paperless office (see full image). Think of the trees, Al. Although we’re hardly ones to talk, we hereby nominate Gore for TLC’s “Clean Sweep” TV program.


  1. @iSpot-a-Hypocrite

    Bush uses a computer?!! That’s got to be the surprise of the day!!

    As for your opinion about Gore, well, you know what they say . . . . if you can’t handle the message, just attack the messenger.

  2. It must to be nice to be a director at Apple, call up and say I want 3-30″ monitors, top of the line powerMac and enought video cards to power these babies up. And oh yah, overnight them to me.

  3. What you don’t see is the GREEN ENVY energy being tapped off the internet to run all those 30″ monitors

    If that runs out, then there is always the interns using their treadmills just on the other side of the office wall to tap off of.

    Sure the interns each consume $30 a day in oil needed to produce the food they eat to run the treadmills, but that’s not on Al Gores head, he’s using green energy, the interns just need to starve instead to save the enviroment.

  4. And think of the electricity he’s burning by having that kind of setup. Talk about being a hypocrite. Think about your carbon footprint there Al….

    And talk about idiotic people thinking that by minimizing your …monitor real estate you can save the environment.

    Get a hint, idiots, it’s the big industries that destroy the environment (petrol, chemicals, plastics, de-forestation etc), not your monitor or your fridge.

  5. All you anti-Gore people, just think who you voted for instead! What a bunch of maroons! The worst president in history. All you guys sit down and shut up and let Gore and company save your worthless lives.

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