LG Prada phone is no Apple ‘iPhone killer’

“We’re a month or so from iPhone, and phone nuts talk about the LG Prada as being one of its main competitors. Another one of those “iPhone-Killers” every phone company is pushing. But I just got an LG Prada, and based on my hands on time with that and my session with the iPhone back at Macworld (not the papercraft in the photo), I can say it’s a great phone, but it’s also no contest,” Brian Lam writes for Gizmodo.

Lam writes, “iPhone wins.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ChrissyOne” for the heads up.]
As we wrote back on February 13th, “Goldstar, er… LG should be doing all they can to avoid anyone making comparisons between their hollow device and Apple’s iPhone.” Looks like LG will have to try harder to limit such direct comparisons if they want to fool at least some Left Side of the Bell Curvers with their pretend iPhones.


  1. The iPhone, the best mobile phone NOT on the market. MDN, are you promoting vaporware? Can we just wait till AFTER Apple releases iPhone BEFORE the opening the floodgates of unintelligent personal opinions, delirious mobile phone biases, and traditional narrow-minded Apple mania?

  2. to Who Cares:

    Calling the iPhone “vaporware” won’t be accurate unless it is delayed at LEAST once (it hasn’t been). The iPhone was demonstrated as a working product – not a video… not a list of specs… not a prototype. A finished product (or nearly) simply awaiting FCC approval. Many journalists and reviewers have had an opportunity to get some hands on experience with the iPhone and can make credible comparisons with other products like the Prada. Hardly the “unintelligent personal opinions, delirious mobile phone biases, and traditional narrow-minded Apple mania” that you decry.

  3. Listened to a ‘Roughly Drafted’ podcast comparing these two phones and it was saying that the Prada is based on the Flash engine for software. Basically it’ll do ok with showing videos, playing music etc, but doesn’t have the smarts to really do much in the way of web browing, emailing or other real ‘applications’. The iPhone has osX. All the Prada has is a scaled down version of Flash. Yep. It’s the software stupid.

  4. From the article:

    “The Prada’s sync software is rudimentary …”

    This is an important point, and one that almost every clueless journalist hailing whatever is said to be the “iPhone killer” of the moment seems to miss. Sync is hugely important but also pretty dire on almost all current handheld devices–phones, PDAs, digital audio players–out there. Apple got this right with iPod-iTunes, and they will again with the iPhone.

    Did anyone hailing Sun’s recent laughable effort to jump on the iPhone bandwagon stop to ask about sync? Not that the “jPhone” bore comparison with the iPhone package in virtually any way at all–a pickle posing as a sandwich:


    My guess: Nokia will have something comparable first in phone terms. Whether it will be _as good_ is another matter. And, again, it’s not going to sync with iTunes or interface with the iTunes Store. You don’t write software like iTunes overnight; it has been developing for years and is now in version 7.

  5. MDN, to be fair the photos of the phones above should be to scale. If you look at the hands you can tell that the LG is significantly smaller than the iPhone. It’s not tiny, but it is definitely smaller.

  6. @ Denny:

    You, obviously.

    @ Windoze Killer

    I will wait until average consumers give their assessments of the iPhone. A minority of technophiles, Apple fanbois, and reporters (many of who receive their income from Apple advertising) are not likely to provide the most objective reviews. The true test of the performance of iPhone will be AFTER its release, not before.

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