‘Ruggedized’ Apple Mac mini debuts for military, aerospace use

“VictorSystems has unveiled a hardened Mac mini computer [Apple Mac Mini 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo] designed to withstand hostile environments in the military and aerospace industries. The new mini features ‘ruggedized’ peripherals that enable users to access Mac OS X applications in locations that were not previously possible,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

VictorSystems webpage states:

All the products pictured on this page, other than the Rugged Mouse, are packaged in enclosures manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloys.

The Mini Computer is supported by an aluminum space frame made from extruded rails and finned heat sinks. Covers are made from wrought plates. These parts are fastened and bonded using electrically conductive epoxy. For the purpose of creating a demonstrator, the space frame was simply designed and installed over the Mini enclosure. Uniquely designed systems can be sized-down to reduce package size to meet specific application requirments.

The speaker encloseures are made from aluminum castings. The power adapter is set into a deep-drawn enclosure with a tight fitting lid that is potted sealed with thermally conductive epoxy.

More info: http://www.victorsystems.biz/id2.html

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Another Irish Dude” for the heads up.]


  1. I ALWAYS say here on MDN that the government/military should completely switch to Mac OSX. Sure, it’s a big initial investment. But in the long run, the money saved on security programs alone will more than make up the difference.

    I work for a government contractor and see how much money goes into security programs/training etc…it’s quite a money pit.

    Symantec and the government must have a pretty sweet deal going on.

  2. Look, folks, you could take your most pecious loved ones and put them in a super Hummer with armor plating, etc, etc, etc, and when it hits a tree at 60mph, everyone is still going to die from the instantaneous forces of the impact. Dale Earnhart’s eyeballs popped out when he hit the wall, ok? Nothing against anyone. It is just factual information.

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