Apple Stores are better than ever with intro of three new services

Apple Store“Apple Stores are better than ever after introducing three new services last week,” Bob LeVitus reports for The Houston Chronicle.

“The one I find most compelling is the new One to One personal training service. For a mere $99 a year you get unlimited access to expert trainers at the Apple Store,” LeVitus reports. “When you consider the cost of training classes, training videos, or even books, this is quite an amazing deal.”

MacDailyNews Note: With Apple’s new “One to One” service, customers are limited to no more than one personal training appointment per calendar week (Sunday – Saturday).

LeVitus reports, “The $99 per year ProCare support program has also been revamped. It now includes quick drop-off service, 14-day advance reservations at the Genius Bar, and priority in-store repairs. But what I consider the best new feature is that one $99 subscription now covers not just one but up to three Macs. While ProCare used to include personal training and doesn’t anymore, the new features seem to more than make up for it.”

LeVitus reports, “Finally, there’s a new Personal Shopping service offered free of charge. You can reserve your own Mac specialist at any Apple store up to 14 days in advance, and have him help you explore and test-drive specific products or help you figure out which product is right for your needs.”

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  1. The Apple Store’s here in the UK are simply amazing. Every time I go into one the staff are always smiling, and are always eager to help without being ‘in your face’ trying to sell you something. If you say you’re browsing, they leave you alone. If you say you need help, they will listen, answer your problem and leave you alone again.

    Bravo to all the Apple Store UK staff on showing the retail world how staff should behave ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I keep calling the Mall of Georgia to ask about the rumored
    Apple Store going up there near Nordstrom’s. There is record on some sites of everything blacked off back in October and possible employment notification in March of this year. When I call information, the lady keeps saying, “at this time, we cannot give out any information”.
    Personally, I hope for and take this as a “yes” Otherwise, why wouldn’t she just say their aint gonna be one.
    Wishful thinking, as the three others in Atlanta at Perimeter, NorthPoint, and Lenox mall are more driving than I want to do unless necessary.

  3. Does anyone remember back when the first Apple stores opened ? … They (briefly) had a contest called .. Stump the Genius
    If you could stump the guy behind the Genius Bar with a Mac-related question … you’d win a game (or something) ..
    I once asked a “Genius” (who seemed lots younger than my son) … “Whats the max RAM you can stick in a 6100″
    I laffed as he went to check his database, and discovered that machine was too old to be listed ! …

    Oh yeah … he handed me a bottle of water ! (Sheesh !)

    Apple should bring back that contest !

  4. ” “Whats the max RAM you can stick in a 6100″ …”

    Asking about anything too old to run OS X is kind of a cheap shot, don’t you think? I mean please, I could play that all day long. “Does an SE/30 have a low density floppy or high density?” Whatever.

  5. “For a mere $99 a year you get unlimited access to expert trainers at the Apple Store,””

    I wonder how many so-called ‘experts’ they will find to work at the stores for minimum or near minimum wage?

    “They (briefly) had a contest called .. Stump the Genius”

    yeah they got rid of it because on top of all the other difficulties of the day it added the ‘snotty know it all Mac user’ inquisition to the list.

  6. There are 2 in Canada, a country of 33 million.

    No problem, it’s only a 44 hour drive to thee nearest one, just stopping for gas and meals.

    Apple does not care about it’s customers.

    That was sarcasm, right M.X.N.T.4.1?

  7. @ Thorin & Moo …
    If you remember that contest … the stipulation only said that the question had to be “Mac-related” ..
    Besides, at that time .. OSX was fairly new, and hadn’t been as widely adopted, as it is today …

    While I admit, my question was a little out of left field .. it WAS a fair question .. nonetheless !

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