Is Apple iPhone worth four-month delay of Mac OS X Leopard?

Apple Store“When Apple announced that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard would be delayed about four months–from the end of spring in late June to late October–it cited the release of the iPhone as the main reason for the setback,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran asks, “Is the release of the iPhone worth a delay in shipping the next version of Mac OS X? And Does this indicate that Apple is shifting its resources and interest away from the Mac platform?”

“Does Apple’s prioritizing of the iPhone over the desktop release of Leopard make sense? First, consider that Mac sales are at record highs right now. Mac sales are double the number Apple was selling just three years ago,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “The release of Leopard will extend Apple’s lead in operating system features, but it isn’t clear that a new operating system will dramatically serve to boost Mac sales in itself.”

“That’s because new growth in Mac sales does not come from “new” Mac OS X features, but from the fact that users are recognizing that the Mac platform offers approachable simplicity, real world security, much less hassle with adware and junk software, and a more sophisticated, pleasant experience overall,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “Apple certainly has to work to remain competitive, but there is no immediate feature gap that desperately needs to be addressed to make Macs more attractive.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “RadDoc” and “Linux Guy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. hmmmm…a wider customer base, larger margins on the product, larger exposure in a brand new market, compared to a new product delayed for 4 months to an already loyal fanbase….what would YOU do.

  2. Eran spews more mental feces than Ballmer spits saliva. Mac Fanboi numero uno is pathetic. According to Eran, Apple can never do anything wrong, every Apple product is the best there ever was, and criticism of Apple will result in eternal damnation.

  3. I personally don’t think it is worth it. I really want Leopard. But from a business point of view, I think they made the best decision. Mac users will wait for Leopard, but the iPhone is being marketed to both loyal Mac users and also non-Mac users who are more fickle. It is best to get the iPhone out while the hype is still at its peak so that they can grab the new market.

  4. According to Eran, Apple can never do anything wrong, every Apple product is the best there ever was, and criticism of Apple will result in eternal damnation.

    And of course, you will be able to provide quotes that back up these hyperbolic claims…

  5. Apple have already demonstrated that additional product lines enhance the company’s standing, bottom line as help promote Macs as an exciting computing platform.

    MW: drive.. ’nuff said

  6. If both are released at the same time, the waters will be muddied for both, as all the hype brings in alot of extra income. The iPhone will have its day and all the spotlight and at the same time Leopard can go out the door with a wax job. I want Leopard more than the iPhone and was disappointed, but understand the business decision. Longterm, the iPhone will sell more Macs than Leopard will.

  7. The headline was either going to be:

    Mac OS X Delayed Until October


    Apple iPhone Delayed Until October

    Think about what each one would’ve done to Apple and you have your answer.

  8. I think Apple has a lot riding on the iPhone & needs to get it right the first time – which I think they will. If that means pulling engineers from other work and delaying Leopard, then so be it. Tiger is a great OS and will continue to be, Apples OS X versions just have gotten better & better IMHO.
    The iPhone will expose more people to Apple who will most likely look at & consider Macs for their future computing needs. Apples current sales upswing I feel is partly due to the iPod “halo” effect, but also due to users getting new Intel Macs to replace their aging PPC computers to take advantage of the new Universal SW – like me! New MB, and awaiting new iMacs or Mac Pro, more likely the former. Apple does need a lower end Mac tower though. We’re not all hi-end video producers!

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