Apple Mac share of surfers doubles in 8 months; Apple eroding Microsoft’s online market share

Apple Store“The portion of people surfing the Web using a Mac has doubled in the past eight months, an Internet metrics analyst said today, and represents an audience that can’t be ignored by Web application developers,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“‘The amazing story since last summer has been how well the Mac is doing,’ said Geoff Johnston, an analyst at WebSideStory Inc. in San Diego. ‘For the longest time, Mac hung around 3% of the operating systems using the Web. But it picked up around last summer, and has nearly doubled its market share.’ Measurements from WebSideStory and rival Net Applications of Aliso Viejo, Calif., put Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X at close to or just over 6% of all machines in the U.S. that connected to the Web last month,” Keizer reports.

“‘For the first time since 1999, when we started tracking, the Mac has really made a major push,’ said Johnston. Since August, the percentage of online Macs running Apple’s operating system has climbed from the long-flat 3% to 5.6%, he said. Net Applications data, which splits the Mac’s share between computers running the PowerPC version of Mac OS and those with an Intel edition of the operating system, pegged the total share at 6.2% for April,” Keizer reports.

“‘When you see Mac, or any browser, like Firefox, moving past 5%, you just can’t turn them away,’ said Johnston. Web site designers and Web application developers, he said, had better pay attention to the Mac,” Keizer reports. “‘Macs are starting to erode Microsoft’s market share,’ Johnston declared.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Justin,” “Fred Mertz,” and “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Since we’re so good at skewing online polls, perhaps we could do something more constructive. If sites such as MDN and other Mac news, news aggregation and blog sites kept an easy to access list of IE only sites (contact pages, perhaps), we could barrage them (politely, of course) on a regular basis to remind them who they are excuding with their lazy coding practices.

    Just a thought.

  2. I LOVE exponential curves.


    I think you are wrong. I blame Zune Tang for IE sites as he left MDN with his Zune between his legs. He is a mumbling, bitter shell of his former self.

  3. We are an army of one in twenty, they of eighteen in twenty … web designers are supposed to care, why? The admins at the site that hosts my wife’s pod cast (see the .sig) spend an inordinate amount of time fixing things in an effort to make them work with IE, next to none for any other browser. But, then, none of them use IE as their default – Firefox on Linux is favored for that – so, I guess they “test” with that as well. Other browsers are expected to Just Work, regardless of the systems they are on.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  4. Yea, some sites still insist on IE and windows( Netflix future downloadable movies: Windows only. AOL TV shows: windows,
    Yahoo radio and videos: Windows)
    Hoping Mac continues to grow in order to get companies to support Macs as well as Windows.
    These companies cry about how they have no leverage with MS but you would think they would support macs in order to gain a large mac user base and…Uh! I don’t know anymore, these people,
    I can’t figure out what they’re thinking.

    I hope to see macs go well above 10%, Apple needs to keep people excited about getting a mac.

  5. I like where this is going, but it hasn’t got there yet.. 6% is better than 3% but 12% is better than 3%. Hopefully in 6-12 months time we’ll be looking at numbers closer to 12%.

    Keep in mind if the Mac is growing in its Marketshare, the online numbers are a trailing indicator because they include computers that have been in use for years. So it will likely take years for the effect of the Mac’s greater market share sales to really show up online.

    Hopefully by the time Microsoft realizes what has happened it will be far too late for them to do anything effective to counter it.

  6. Late last year I tossed aside the best online photo printing service I’ve been able to find so far, after I started having trouble uploading very high resolution photography, (sending them hi-res photos over the web had never been a problem before). After emailing their tech support the top requirment listed was that I “must” be using IE. So, they got an email from me stating that I would not be involutarily compelled to use ANY computer products that I chose not to use, and that, in light of the fact that not everyone, even people using Windows, uses IE, or wants to use IE explorer, that they should seriously reconsider the requirements that they impose on their clients on behalf of MS.

    Now everytime I see an article showing the continuing slide of IE I pack it up and send it off to them. They still send me discounted printing offers, and I send them really valuable business advise – for free.

  7. We may only be 1 in 17 or so and some people would say that at those levels it’s still too small a number to worry about developing for. And to a certain extent you’d be right, that only makes sense if you can be assured that the other 17 are all gonna want to do business for you. By the very fact that we’re Mac users, it shows that we’re different customer than the others. We might have more money, be more intelligent, or just have different buying requiremens. 6% may not be a lot but it may be the best 6% for all a developer knows. That’s why they should develop for us, and Firefox users, etc.

  8. What offends me the most is when government only supports IE. I mean really that should be illegal. And it’s abhorrant that one should be put in a position that they need ton point out the issue or complain.

    In particular, I am most impacted by the federal Australian Taxation Office. I am a consultant and in business we have to do these quarterly GST returns. Well, if you have a Windows computer and use Windows IE (which I refuse to do even in virtualisation) you can do everything online.

    I am always getting barraged with expensive advertising about doing the online thing. It pisses me.

    Save $ on the adverts and get your act together ATO!!

    This is anonymous right? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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