Review: Converting movies for Apple TV using Roxio Crunch

Apple Store“Want to watch DVDs on Apple TV? On May 8th, Roxio will introduce a new application called Crunch designed specifically to convert a variety of different video formats for use with iPods, Apple TV, and the soon to be released iPhone,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The new Crunch joins Roxio’s existing Popcorn 2 product, which already converts various video formats for use on the video iPod. At a list price of $50, Popcorn is identical in price to the new Crunch, but it offers some features that Crunch does not, including the ability to burn backup copies of DVDs and save disk images of DVDs. Popcorn also provides presets for converting videos for use on the Sony Playstation Portable, DivX players, and 3GP mobile phones. Rather than being a replacement or upgrade to Popcorn, Crunch is positioned specifically as a simple, “one button” converter for Apple’s devices that sync with with iTunes: the video iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone,” Dilger reports.

Full in-depth review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “J” for the heads up.]


  1. Doesn’t popcorn only convert and or backup non- CSS protected DVD’s? If so then what’s the point as presumably most people want to backup or convert their bought commercial movies.

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