AT&T mailing shows Apple iPhone tweaks, feature additions

Apple Store“On Friday, AT&T sent out an e-mail to those who had signed up for news on the iPhone’s availability. In doing so, it also confirmed interface changes that had always been hinted at, but rarely mentioned,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“One product shot included in the e-mail shows new buttons in the Google Maps tool included with the phone that were briefly shown during Jobs’ keynote at Macworld San Francisco. Two new icons, one of a car (Directions, Traffic conditions?) and one of a knife and fork (Restaurants?), can be found in the bottom corners of the image,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “This and other images also reinforced the change from Cingular to AT&T branding for the official launch and the title bar on the iPhone’s screen.”

Full article with more about AT&T’s iPhone moves here.


  1. iPhone is a far too limiting name for this product. It is truly going to be the handeld computer.

    All we are missing is iTunes mobile service. Access all your iTunes content, anywhere, anytime whether it is on the iPhone or not.

    Dvorak will again look like an idiot.

  2. Once again, AT&T’s buying up of Cingular has meant that Apple has had to alter the iphone’s OS to cope with AT&T’s larger base and therefor service.

    The good news for everyone else outside America is that AT&T are familiar with the systems used outside America and are therefor well placed to advice Apple on those networks. 3G is one that comes to mind.

  3. There are some more good signs that AT&T is gearing up for the iPhone sales that are going to be coming in. Now if we can only see some improvements with AT&T’s Internet connectivity I might be even more encouraged. I see there being some big improvements down the line, but more needs to be done.

  4. Features like directions, maps will be cool, whether walking or driving. You could even walk around with the iPhone in your pocket and earbuds on and find your way around a strange city without worrying too much about some geezer mugging you for the coolest piece of tech in the world.

    This could be really cool to have – shame AT&T is the only player in the US.

  5. But, wait– someone this morning said iPhone is doomed. I’m so confused. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Look at the ad carefully. The ad is a fake. It is photoshoped. I registered online for information when it first came out and I didn’t get an email from Cingular. The link on the ad doesn’t work either!

  7. I signed up on Apple’s website back in January, and so far the only email I’ve gotten was one from Apple in early April saying Thank you for your interest (in the header) and “Talk to you soon” in the body.

    Martin, I think you’re confusing Cingular and SBC. SBC took over AT&T and adopted their name.

  8. “Cingular bought AT&T, and changed their name, after being bought by another company.”

    Actually, what I heard was, that Cingular was owned by SBC and BellSouth. When SBC bought BellSouth, they changed the name back to A,T&T, and changed Cingular’s name to boot, which is about all the merger changed for Cingular.

    Of course, I have also heard that Haliburton had Dick tell Karl to make Chertoff get FCC’s Martin to imbed listening devices, approved by Gonzales and financed by Wolfowitz, to gather a hit list for Cheney to disenfranchise voters. No reason, just for fun!

  9. I still think it’s stupid of whomever “AT&T” is now, to do away with the great, young, and hip Cingular name, along with the Jack symbol and the orange colour.


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