PC World publishes insipid 10 things we love/hate about Apple lists

Apple Store“By now, you may have heard something about a couple of articles we’ve been planning about Apple and its products. We sure have,” Ramon G. McLeod writes for PCWorld.com.

McLeod writes, “Both pieces were written by PC World staffers Alan Stafford and Narasu Rebbapragada, who have been around Apple products long enough, in both their personal and professional lives, to have their share of criticisms and compliments for the company’s stuff. And both were meant as silly little conversation-starters–originally inspired by the ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ads–not weighty journalism. If you don’t think they’re Pulitzer material, we’re not offended in the least.”

The full insipid, vapid articles with rehashed-to-death themes (which we’ve condensed), please Think Before You Click™:

Ten Things We Hate About Apple:
1. Apple sued some websites
2. Apple’s secretive
3. Apple blamed Microsoft for Windows worm that shipped on handful of iPods
4. Products that start with lowercase “i”
5. No Blu-ray built-into Macs, yet
6. iMac’s hockey puck mouse (MDN Note: discontinued nearly seven years ago)
7. Apple doesn’t tell world about security issues until they patch them (MDN Note: thus sparing users from attack)
8. Where are the Mac games?
9. No cheap Mac tower
10. iPods don’t play WMA

Ten Things We Love About Apple:
1. Apple’s industrial design
2. Mac OS X Tiger “rules”
3. Reliable products: Macs and iPods
4. Jobs stands up to greedy music cartels
5. Mac runs Windows
6. “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs” blog
7. Apple Retail Stores
8. Money saved on security software
9. Excellent TV ads
10. The cottage industry in cool Apple accessories
We post this only as a followup to the original story (see related article below) and sincerely hope this puts a cap on PC World’s Dvorakian quest for hits. This whole thing is about as low as we’ve seen a tech outfit go to manufacture “controversy” and traffic. It’s sad. Please, Think Before You Click™.

MacDailyNews’ Ten Things That Seem Obvious About PC World:
1. They seem to really need hits
2. They give watching paint dry a serious run for its money
3. They don’t know much about Apple, Macs, or iPods
4. They love list articles because they’re easy to write
5. They love list articles because they’re lazy
6. They love list articles because such articles are known to generate hits regardless of quality
7. The only thing more boring and out-of-date is a Windows PC itself
8. Staffers really seem to wish they worked for Macworld instead
9. They exist to make PC Magazine look good
10. Harry McCracken was probably leaving anyway


  1. I don’t need a magazine to form my opinion about my Macs. You just have to use one for a while and you can decide what you like/don’t like. I love almost everything about it. I wish I could hold shift and push home/end to select text. Screw PCWorld.

  2. on the hate list, I’ll give them the mouse and that there’s not so many games (it’s not like there’s none). The rest was clutching at straws.

    And fake Steve Jobs? erm ok, that’s a real bonus.

  3. One thing I hate about PC (and other) magazines:

    They publish stupid ten best and ten worst lists because they can’t come up with interesting and informative articles.

    That’s one reason they are dying off.

  4. Wow…Take a chill pill guys; I had little problem with EITHER article; many of the Hate things are things I hate too…BTW #11 on things I hate:

    11. Fellow Mac users whose religious “There is no God but Apple” zealotry have helped to marginalize Mac community from the mainstream for 20 years…

  5. “BTW #11 on things I hate:

    11. Fellow Mac users whose religious “There is no God but Apple” zealotry have helped to marginalize Mac community from the mainstream for 20 years…”

    For me there is a #12 on the hate list.

    12. I hate people who hate….ummm…wait a minute….

  6. Back from Toronto. What a beautiful city, and I must say that the women in Toronto rival any other city in the US or Europe for beauty. I got whip-lash from looking at so many hot chicks this past week!

    My Toonie, eh!

  7. These magazines are a waste of money…they are only good for flipping through at the grocery store, and they already know this, that is why they are covered in plastic.
    The CD is the excuse for this, but it is really that there is no new and fresh content inside.

  8. Re: puck mouse
    Toby, they never claimed that the list was relevant, constructive or timely. It was three hours work just to count to ten in the first place. Another six hours for the other list. Making up shit is very hard work.

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