RUMOR: New Apple iMacs coming at WWDC

Apple Store“Apple may be planning to introduce new iMacs at this year’s WWDC. Previous reports indicated that Apple was preparing a black iMac following the success of the black iPods. The new machines are said so be housed in a much slimmer form factor, be faster, with larger displays and be ready for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June,” LOOPRumors reports.

“An introduction of new iMacs would be a ‘one more thing’ surprise that is long overdue for the company’s all-in-one computer. The last time Apple updated the iMac was in September when it added a 24-inch model to its line,” LOOPRumors reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macnut222” for the heads up.]


  1. Also, a good source revealed new laptops are coming with LED backlighting. As soon as this month.

    Hopefully the new iMac will support more ram, that’s my only concern right now.

  2. bring it on!! i’ve been waiting to see if anything happens this june with the imacs before i bought one. pleeeeeeeeeease give me a 30” or bigger imac. i want a nice tv/computer hanging on the wall in the sun room. mmmmmmm.

  3. Well, let’s hope this is true. An iMac refresh is long overdue. I’d like to see a Mac mini refresh, too!

    I’ve got 2 potential family members ready to make the jump to the Mac.

    One is dying to get a 24″ iMac. For the other, a Mac mini would be perfect.

    Oh, I’m ready to upgrade from a PowerBook G4 to a MacBook Pro.

    MDN Magic Word: VERY… uh huh!

  4. Then again, they may not introduce new iMacs.

    Check out Intel’s sites. Are there new chips available? If not, no new iMacs. Predicting new Macs is no longer Rocket Surgery.

  5. What I want to see is room for 3+ HDs so we can have RAID 5 inside. Never worry about disk crashes again! With 2.5″ drives we could have more than 3 with better throughput than a single 3.5″ and fault tolerance. More drives also helps out with upcoming time machine features.

  6. someone should start a website called “rumour-tracker” or “record-keeper” or “scoreboard” or something like that.

    Then, when LoopRumors posts anything, we can refer to their pathetic prediction record before taking anything they post seriously.

  7. Would it be possible for the next iMac to have an LED screen. Could this be why it is rumored to be thinner?
    Any thinner, and most PC sheep would truly think the iMac is only a monitor…there would need to be some good advertising to go with it. “Where did the computer go”.

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