Flip4Mac WMV 2.1.1 for Mac OS X now available; adds WMA 9 support

Telestream has announced availability of Flip4Mac WMV version 2.1.1 software. The update adds new features and enhancements to the company’s Windows Media Components for QuickTime. A major new feature is playback support for Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile, also known as the VC-1 Advanced Profile. Enhancements include improved 2-pass VBR encoding and MPEG-4 playback.

Until now, Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro & Pro HD enabled users to create Windows Media 9 Advanced profiles. Version 2.1.1 adds the ability to playback the advanced profiles users create or import. Two-pass VBR encoding enhancements provide improved output results and remove an intermittent green flash issue. Improved MPEG-4 playback enhances WMV support for highly compressed media applications like digital cameras. Additional enhancements include improved ASX handling, improved installation support when using Apple Remote Desktop, and support for reclaiming file types assumed by other applications. The free version 2.1.1 update is available for download via:


Flip4Mac WMV is comprised of a collection of QuickTime components that enables Mac OS X users to play, import and export Windows Media files using QuickTime-based applications. The family includes free playback of Windows Media files and a range of import and export capabilities priced from $29 to $179 which are available for online purchase at http://www.flip4mac.com


  1. This was released on April 26 – more than a week ago. Got it from the macupdate site.

    Too much else going on?

    Or maybe the pipes were clogged…? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Still no DRMed stream support, and therefore still useless.

    Yessiree, if it doesn’t give Dave H exactly what he wants, it serves no purpose at all! His needs are paramount, after all.

    I love Flip4Mac. It’s allowed me to watch embedded WMV video using the QT plugin, which is vastly superior to the old WMP plug in.

  3. I use the components but for the rest it’s VisualHub all the way. It’s worth 3 times what I paid for it. Check it out, the best 20 bucks you could ever spend, if your a digital media Mac type of person that is.

    MW = rather. how do they do it?

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