Apple patent reveals Leopard’s multiple Dashboard feature, Dashboard cube, more

Apple Store“On May 3, the US Patent & Trademark Office published five of Apple’s patent applications relating to Dashboard. Out of the five patents, the one titled Multiple Dashboards revealed some interesting twists that no doubt will be seen in Mac OS X Leopard’s demo this coming June. One of the most intriguing features of all included an interactive dashboard cube. Apple’s obsession with this symbol is once again given prominence,” Neo reports for MacNN.

Neo reports, “Apple’s other four related patents published today include the following: Linked widgets, Preview including theme-based installation of user interface elements in a display environment, Selection of user interface elements for unified display in a display environment and Widget security.”

Full article, with illustrations, links, and more here.


  1. Sounds interesting. Widgets sounded interesting until I discovered how much memory they needed – even when not in use. This sounds like an opportunity to use more memory still. My Gig.5 DualG5 can deal with it, but my wife’s half-Gig G4 iMac can barely deal with her failure to shut down Classic or Safari when she’s done with them.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  2. Looks like widgets are coming to the iPhone to me, also.
    It also looks like Spaces for Dashboard…break them up into different categories. I currently don’t have enough real estate for all the widgets I browse every day. Sounds interesting!

  3. Yeah, if you really have nothing to do and read into the patents it is pretty obvious with the examples that they are giving they are intended for a portable device. One would also conclude from all of the mentions of phone numbers (the linking patent) that said device would also include a phone.

    With that being said, Dashboard needs some major changes in Leopard so as not to become completely obsolete.

  4. This has been talked about before. It’s related User switching, only it’s going to be Application switching. You’ll be able to swtich back and forth between Apps like you switch between Users now (with the rotating cube interface).

  5. I found that patent that MacNN reported on and it mentions that the cube and other features will apply to portables, cell phones and yes, your TV.

    To Steve Jobs: Cough it up, already. What’s what the cube craze really about in the big picture?

  6. I actually submitted the multiple dashboard sets idea as a tip awhile back.

    Maybe the liked my idea. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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