Apple greener than Greenpeace wants you to think

Apple Store“Steve Jobs stepped into the light with another long essay [yesterday] (I still think he should start a blog) on Apple’s environmental policies. Remember if you will that little kerfuffle a few weeks back about how the environmental organization was using its considerable PR chops to smack Apple around a little for the nasty chemicals that go inside its computers, all the while making nice with Dell. I didn’t think much of its claims and for the most part, still don’t,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“Jobs finally shot back today in a signed six-page statement entitled ‘A Greener Apple,’ saying that after investigating the matter, it’s his opinion that Apple is either ahead of many of the companies that Greenpeace has graded higher, or soon will be ahead of them,” Hesseldahl writes.

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Stephen Withers writes for iTWire, “Greenpeace’s response to Apple’s announcement fails to give full credit to the Mac and iPod maker, and to some extent appears to misrepresent CEO Steve Jobs’ open letter in order to justify the environmental group’s April 2007 report (as well as earlier editions) on mobile phone and PC manufacturers’ greenness.”

Withers writes, “The problem with the Greenpeace report was that it made no attempt to find out about the actual presence of hazardous substances in different companies’ products. Instead, it merely ranked companies ‘on information that is publicly available.'”

“When Greenpeace welcomed Jobs’ statement that ‘Today we’re changing our policy,’ it failed to make it clear that what he actually announced was a change in policy regarding talking about Apple’s efforts in reducing and eliminating hazardous substances and increasing recycling, not a change in its policy about those substances or practices,” Withers writes.

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  1. … acts as a totalitarian state. They basically announced Apple must be the leader in this enviro-area… Uh, and why?… Oh yes, because Greanpeas said so that’s why.

    Considering Apple ships only 2.6% of all the world’s PC’s this is hardly the company to target…

    Strike that thought.

    Of course Apple is the target, not to save the environment, but to raise money and gain free PR. These transparently power hungry enviro-terrorists along with the politically bent NOW gang can all take a quick leap off a cliff.

  2. Greenpeace is just out spreading their own version of FUD, just like all of the other environmental nutjobs do (including Apple’s own Al Gore). The facts matter little to any of these people, it’s just another lame attempt to further their own extremist agenda.

    And the bottom line is, the hardline approach isn’t working because nobody out there is really listening anyway.

  3. Seems to me Greenpeace is taking credit for efforts Apple has been working on for years. Did anyone notice Apple stopped selling CRT tubes years ago? How about the fact they’re integrating an entire PC into a box the size of a CD player…anyone?

    I’d hate to think GP is so starved for attention they’d try to take credit for the environmentally friendly design of the iMac, or the waste saved by buying music, TV Shows & movies via iTunes Store rather than Tower Records.

  4. Greenpeace is clearly unhappy with Al Gore’s new “Carbon Club”. This Carbon Club is getting all the money, media time and people. Greenpeace is becoming an even smaller fish in the extremist pond, and they don’t like it! So what do they do Attack Apple a.k.a. “Carbon Club President/God – Al Gore”.


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