RUMOR: Apple’s lightweight, ultra-portable, ultra-thin MacBook coming 2nd half 2007?

Apple Store“An effort on the part of Apple Inc. to develop an ultra-thin and lightweight notebook with next-generation technologies such as on-board NAND flash may take a bit more time than initially reported,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Evidence suggested the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, which invades San Francisco in June, could have served as an ideal venue for company chief executive Steve Jobs to first flaunt the device. That’s now unlikely to be the case,” Jade reports.

Jade reports, “Citing a maturing timeline, people familiar with the initiative now have the chic notebook tracking for the latter half of the year, with a contingency plan in place to transition the device into a Macworld 2008 product should engineers require the additional time.”

“The compact portable is expected to draw on software support from the Leopard OS, now slated for October, for managing features such as onboard NAND flash,” Jade reports. “The addition of the solid state memory to the notebook’s motherboard should improve power efficiency — and thus better battery life — as well as facilitate near instantaneous boot times.”

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  1. maczealot“Toss the battery and throw in a direct methanol fuel cell and that’s some real news.”

    Sure, never have to plug it into the wall again… Instead, just carry around cans of alcohol, and in a pinch, it can run off cheap vodka!

    I am sure this asinine idea will fly really well with the TSA at airport security checkpoints.

    I think it safe to declare your idea to be the “STUPIDEST… IDEA… EVER” and that’s with the Zune and Microsoft Bob still in the running…

  2. Keith Moon: “delays, delays and………. more delays !!!”

    Yeah, don’t you just hate it when unannounced products are not delivered “on time”???

    Is it just me, or is the state of being “on-time” a moot one when it come to unannounced products that may never actually come to pass.

  3. So…. We have a RUMORED DELAY on a RUMORED DEVICE on a RUMORED original launch time frame…..

    Riiiiiiight…..While we are at it ill throw this is:

    THIS JUST IN….APPLE will DELAY the launch of future OS version OSXII…..Due to a broken flux capacitor, the time traveling Steve Jobs from the future will not be able to come back in time and speed up production for a Fall 2020 release!

  4. @Man

    turn on the sarcasm meter bro and re-read maczealot’s post, and chill. It’s saturday morning.

    MDN word is Matter, as in does what people say on a blog matter so much that you have an aneurysm this early in the morning?

  5. @Jim-TIV

    It was a stupid idea, and even if it was meant to be sarcasm, all Man did was call him out on it being stupid. Both, and you, are entitled to say stupid shit… it’s a free country, and it’s not like MDN commenters are known for any intelligence.

  6. Nooooooooo!!!! It’s delayed!!!!

    Sorry. Had to do it. I really don’t care about this ultraportable but wanted to beat someone to the “nooooooo” punch.

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