Forget VIsta: Beleaguered Dell brings back Windows XP, people also asking for Mac OS X

Apple Store“Dell is bringing XP back,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Amid significant customer demand, the computer maker said on Thursday that it has returned to offering the older Windows version as an option on some of its consumer PCs.”

Fried reports, “Like most computer makers, Dell switched nearly entirely to Vista-based systems following Microsoft’s mainstream launch of the operating system in January. However, the company said its customers have been asking for XP as part of its IdeaStorm project, which asks customers to help the company come up with product ideas.”

“‘We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings,’ Dell said on its Ideas in Action page. Users get to vote on various suggestions, and the notion of bringing back XP got 10,000 ‘points,’ making it among the most popular requests but well below top picks such as adding Linux or to its PCs,” Fried reports.

Fried reports, “Analysts say Dell’s move is not a good sign for Windows Vista. ‘That there is remaining demand from some segment of (the) consumer market points to the inability of Vista to resonate with consumers,’ IDC analyst Richard Shim said.”

“Microsoft product manager Michael Burk said in a statement: ‘Dell is responding appropriately to a small minority of customers that had this specific request. But, as they have said before, the vast majority of consumers want the latest and greatest technology, and that includes Windows Vista.’ The software maker has said it will stop selling Windows XP to large PC makers by January. Smaller computer sellers, known as system builders, will be able to sell XP machines for an additional year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Vista’s reception is almost zunelike. Here’s an interesting bit of information: We went to Dell’s “IdeaStorm” website and checked it out. It seems that individual posts aren’t totaled together, so, for example the suggestion that Dell offer Windows XP is measured only by the post receiving the most votes. The post “Don’t eliminate XP just yet” has received 10,768 points, which seems to be the one to which Fried refers in his article. There are other calls for XP; they just receive less votes. Now, you can search the ideas, so that’s just what we did. We searched for “OS X,” found a bunch of posts asking for Dell to offer Mac OS X, and totaled them up. There are currently 7,751 votes for Dell to offer Mac OS X spread throughout Dell’s IdeaStorm site. That’s a story we haven’t seen covered; not that Apple would license Mac OS X to Dell, but that people are clamoring for Dell to offer Mac OS X.

One of the clearest posts also has a good number of votes already (440). It’s titled simply, “Add Mac OS X.” We wonder if any media outlet would cover it if that one got enough votes to move it up the “most popular” list?

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  1. Class Windows versus New Windows. Damn, isn’t this the same the Class Coke versus New Coke story all over again but with software? When history is your best product, there is no innovation, right? Maybe it is reasonable to talk about Microsoft in the past tense when XP trumps Vista.

  2. the comments with adding mac os x are pretty interesting in their own right. someone also pasted in the joy of tech comic about the many versions of vista!! it is also funny that a lot of people want an alternative to ms office. this is really, really bad news for microsoft.

  3. Makes me wonder if Apple is “primarily” a Hardware company and Microsoft being “primarily” a Software company, how come Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows, suck big time and isn’t anywhere near the quality and excellence of OS X?

    That’s ironic. hehehe.

    Don’t start with the hardware, i’ve heard enough of zune’s failure. hehehe.

  4. Why would any Mac user want stupid cheapo Dell to offer OS X? That would defeat the whole purpose and stability of Mac OS X because it would be opened up to millions of other configurations that Apple has no way of keeping track of like they do now. It would ruin what we all love about OS X.

    If anyone truly wants to use OS X, get a Mac! There’s no reason not to now with competitive pricing and Windows compatibility.

  5. Makes me wonder if Apple is “primarily” a Hardware company and Microsoft being “primarily” a Software company, how come Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows, suck big time and isn’t anywhere near the quality and excellence of OS X?

    That’s ironic. hehehe.

    Cuz it’s open architecture, and arguably, build on a circa 1983 foundation (pre-mass market Internet)

    Are you new?

  6. EXACTLY why Apple could afford to take extra time before releasing Leopard. If Vista had made even a competent showing during it’s first three months, Apple may have compromised a little on features (and related testing) to get Leopard out as soon as possible. But since customers are asking for XP instead of Leopard, why not take use a few extra months to make Leopard perfect.

    > Makes me wonder if Apple is “primarily” a Hardware company and Microsoft being “primarily” a Software company…

    Microsoft is “primarily” a software company that relies on its Windows monopoly to avoid competition. Apple is a hardware company that distinguishes its hardware (in a competitive market) through exceptional software. Both are unique in their own way, but I’d rather be Apple right now.

  7. This vote is a wee bit pontless, since Apple is not yet going to offer OSX for PCs. Or are they? I think it will eventually happen once the Mac reaches about 10% of the market. Given that Apple has become a much broader electronics device manufacturer, they’re now making a lot more money on non-Mac hardware products. That means they will soon be able to licence OSX to other vendors without wrecking their hardware profit margins. However… maybe it will be sooner than we think. I do wonder if the “secret feature” they’re hiding from Microsoft is that Leopard will be offered for general release to PC users. It would take more time to develop a basic set of drivers for common hardware, so could this be why we’re seeing a delay until October? The general “meh” reaction to Vista, could be a big opportunity for Apple to take really big chunks out of the OS market.

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