Intel’s Santa Rosa debuts next month, rapid ramp up expected

Apple Store“Almost 90 percent of all the Centrino-branded laptops sold in Q4 will be based on the latest version of Intel’s mobile platform, ‘Santa Rosa’, the chip giant believes,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“Santa Rosa debuts next month, though while some laptop manufacturers will announce models at that time, the big push will come two months later, Intel’s mobility chief, Mooly Eden, said today,” Smith reports.

Smith reports, “The upshot will be that the new version will make up more than half of the Centrino laptops that ship in Q3, up from about 30 per cent in Q2. That figure, Eden predicted, will exceed 90 per cent in the fourth quarter.”

“The platform will also see the inclusion of a NAND Flash module – aka Intel Turbo Memory – to cache data between the hard drive and memory. Intel said it not only halves application load times but reduces the wake-up-from-sleep time by a similar percentage,” Smith reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’m glad I’ve put off the purchase of a new MacBook (or Pro). Waiting for Leopard isn’t so bad after all. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. With MacOS X booting extremely quickly and waking up instantly anyway, at least the flash cache is primarily a Windows crutch to compensate for the system’s software shortcomings.

    Much more important would be a higher RAM ceiling (up from 3GB now). I haven’t checked if Santa Rosa actually addresses that, but it would certainly be due by now.

  3. I’d love to know the percentage of people who say ‘I’m glad I waited for __________ so I can buy ___________ when it comes out, who actually DO buy the thing when it comes out.

    Or are they just perprtuatlly waiting for the next thing?

  4. This is a huge jump forward in notebook technology compared to the incremental advances we’ve seen in the past. This will change the status quo in mobile computing.

    @ Moo,
    I am waiting for Santa Rosa to buy a new notebook, then I’ll wait for the next revisions, until I actually have enough cash in my wallet to make the purchase.

  5. ping said, “Much more important would be a higher RAM ceiling (up from 3GB now). I haven’t checked if Santa Rosa actually addresses that, but it would certainly be due by now.”

    Yes, Santa Rosa eliminates the kludgy waste of memory — using 3G only, even though you have 4G installed — in the current Intel architecture. Santa Rosa is full 64 bit capable.

    Santa Rosa is obviously pacing Apple’s introduction of all but its Xeon based Mac Pro and Xserve Macs. If Apple were to introduce new Macs without Santa Rosa so close to the latter’s appearance, Mac users would revolt – so great are the advantages of that technology. Apple is too smart to make that mistake.

    The only question is timing. It usually takes months after production start up to enable computer manufacturers to get sufficient quantities to ship the product.

  6. I wonder if Apple is waiting for this chip to upgrade their MacMinis ?
    Thus far I’ve just assumed that Apple has held off bumping up the MacMini because they’re waiting for me to purchase. Then, as has happened 3 times in the past, the very DAY after I buy, they’ll bump up the computer I’ve just bought. I’ve been SURE that that’s what they’ve been waiting for … me to buy. But … now … I’ve gotta wonder if it’s this new chip their waiting for.

    But, then … perhaps it IS me?? <VBG>

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