Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray: Use Apple’s Leopard delay as buying opportunity

Apple Store“With Leopard now shipping in October, Goldman Sachs believes Apple has pushed $25-50 million in revenue out of the June quarter, and roughly $100 million out of the September quarter. While Apple should be able to fully recover the software revenue in the December and March quarters, the delay could also push out some Mac sales as well. This will undoubtedly make Apple even more conservative in setting June-quarter targets on its April 25 earnings call, probably pushing Street estimates closer to their $5.2B in revenue and EPS of $0.65 from current consensus of $5.5B and $0.68,” Notable Calls reports.

“Although the push out of Leopard is not ideal, firm views iPhone as the driver of the next leg to the Apple growth story and this announcement should abate recent concerns about any potential delay in the launch, which they believe is more important to the stock. Today’s announcement and the potential for even more conservative targets for the June quarter could cause some near-term weakness in AAPL shares. Firm would use this as an opportunity to add to positions,” Notable Calls reports.

Notable Calls reports, “Merrill Lynch recommends investors use the current stock weakness related to Apple’s delay of the Leopard operating system as a buying opportunity… Piper Jaffray says that iPhone’s on-time arrival outweighs Leopard delay… While they are not convinced the delay of Leopard is entirely related to getting the iPhone out on time, firm views the shipment of the iPhone as critical, and the timing of Leopard as a non-event.”

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  1. Hey…first. Well my day is at least inproving (after I shoveled a half foot of snow out of my driveway this morning). I had convinced my wife to buy a bunch of Apple shares. Now I am going to have to figure out a way to ignore (hide) the coming dip in share cost as I ddo not want to hear the big I-Told-You-So.

  2. Actually, loetse, I think buying Vista might make sense since it will probably drive switchers to the Mac that much faster. These are people that obviously don’t mind blowing cash a few wads at a time.
    Vista is the best ad for the Mac yet and as an AAPL shareholder, I’m even happier that it’s funded entirely by Microsoft. Win-Win. D’oh!

  3. Use Apple’s Leopard delay as buying opportunity.

    Yea while we dump the stock and take a huge profit because the buying opportunity already passed by yesterday.

    What do they think we are, stupid?

    You got a hot tip act on it, by the time you hear about it in the press it’s already old news and your just being played.

  4. Hmmm I would think that the iPhone would make up quite a bit of profit for the missing OS. Selling a few hundred thousand iPhones @ $500-$600 a pop has got to lessen the impact considerably of not having Leopard shipping in June at $130 a copy.

    I mean really, no one knew 100% that Apple was going to ship Leopard this June until just yesterday. Apple has been saying “Spring 2007” but there was never a firm release date.

  5. “Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray: Use Apple’s Leopard delay as buying opportunity”

    Because we all convinced our clients apple was going to $200 before June and it was going to split and then double again…and now our clients are pissed because none of it is going to happen and their money is stuck in a stock in limbo….and potential that there are bigger troubles at Apple no one is privvy to…such as problems with the iPhone, Steve has lost the managing touch (they could not figure out before they needed more people to get the work done), computers just are not working for Apple, on and on …

  6. @Madmac: “Apple has been saying “Spring 2007”
    The end of June is the end of Spring 2007. Get a calendar, learn the seasons, quit making excuses for Apple´s poor management.

  7. @advisor,
    Great advice. Makes me feel like I am doing this just for the sex but hey….that is iexactly why I may do it (and maybe the idea of a new car- with a big back seat hehehehe)

  8. Doesn’t change the fact that OSX is looking old and out-dated and needs a fresh skin. Surely they could pump that out as 10.4.10 if they could be bothered. Superficial, yes, but any decent hacker can do it. Needless to say I am disappointed.

  9. You guys are such prepubescent fanboys! Don’t get your shorts in a knot. Ask yourself: will a 100 day delay destroy your world? No. Have you ever worked for a software company on a large-scale project? I bet that for most of you, the answer would a big “no.” So you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    I’m willing to bet that Apple is working on a number of new developments in 10.5 that none of us have seen yet, nor do we have a clue of what’s to come. Any left-dot release is a huge undertaking. And with the birth of the iPhone, it’s added a level of complexity to this that few of us can comprehend. To those of you who think the iPhone won’t be profitable, you must not be looking at the same revenue and profit models that Apple’s team are. So while 10.5 is very important, the company is much more diverse than just this product.

    Perhaps you’d rather have your pendantic wishes granted, and Apple would roll out 10.5 in June. I guess you’d like the experiences of Vista fanboys who paid a lot of money to be the first, but what they got instead was a chance to be a beta tester of an unfinished and highly unstable piece of garbage.

    That’s not the 10.5 I want.

    I’m willing to be patient, and wait for a 10.5 that’s rock solid. Besides, we’ll get to see it demoed at WWDC, and that’s coming soon. Maybe then you’ll understand. That will give the 3rd party developers some real lead time to make sure their products are updated and ready for 10.5. And in the end, that will make our lives a lot better.

    Guys, remember something: Apple exists to please its stockholders first. After all, the stockholders own the company. Fanboys like you are WAY down the list.

    My advice: get over yourselves and get a life. Have you been outside lately? If you haven’t, it’s really cool. There’s this big shiny disk called the Sun, and there are these amazing objects called trees. You should go outside and have a look. You might be amazed at what you see. Maybe then all this BS about 10.5 being late won’t matter so much.

    There. I feel better now.

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