Analysts unconcerned over Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard delay

Apple StoreDisappointment over Apple’s 4-month delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, “while understandable, may be misplaced, according to tech industry analysts. ‘A delay in an operating system is not much to worry about,’ said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, a high-tech consulting firm. ‘If they were a year late, I’d be concerned, but not a few months,'” Jim Dalrymple reports for Macworld.

“Rather, analysts were cheered by the news that the iPhone appears to be on track, and that Apple is committed to delivering that mobile device in June. A phone that also doubles as an iPod and an Internet communications device, the iPhone potentially reaches customers beyond Apple’s core base of Mac users. That, coupled with the fact that AT&T is involved with the iPhone as a service provider, makes it much more critical for Apple to meet the June ship date,” Dalrymple reports.

Dalrymple reports, “‘I think that one issue we may not be aware of are the contract terms between Apple and AT&T,’ said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at The NPD Group. ‘Apple may have committed to delivering the phone at a certain time creating a legal liability if they don’t deliver, which might explain the shifting of resources.'”

“The Leopard delay is the first significant delay in Apple’s operating systems since it replaced OS 9 in 2001. However, it is the second high-profile product delay in 2007 for Apple; the release of Apple TV slipped a few weeks from February to mid-March,” Dalrymple reports.

Dalrymple reports, “Still analysts remain convinced that getting the iPhone on the market makes more sense for the company than pouring its resources into the Leopard. ‘Apple has a lot of good things going on right now,’ Bajarin said.”

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John Markoff reports for The New York Times, “‘This throws a little bit of water on their parade,’ said David Smith, an analyst who tracks operating systems at Gartner Inc., a market research firm. But he noted that large software projects were frequently late and said that the slip would not prove damaging to Apple over the long run.”

“In the past, Apple under Mr. Jobs’s leadership has executed several earlier technology transitions relatively flawlessly, including the introduction of the conversion of his Next operating system to Macintosh and the shift from Power PC to Intel microprocessors,” Markoff reports.

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  1. Mac OS X Leopard will cost US$129.

    If you are holding off to buy a Mac to save a measly $129, you can’t afford a real computer.

    Otherwise, get your Mac now and buy and install Leopard in October.

    I now return you to the overwrought rants from cheap and/or stupid idiots who don’t understand what the iPhone is or what it means to the future of the Mac platform.

  2. And people wonder why Apple doesn’t like to pre-announce products.

    Analyst expectations and fanboy whining are two good reasons.

    Apple TV delayed a few weeks. Big friggin woop.

  3. It’s concerning because it shows that resources weren’t allocated properly to begin with, or time was mismanaged, or there’s just not enough bodies to go around at Apple.

    It’s really not a huge issue, but now we’ve had two delays on two highly touted products. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

  4. @PlainTruth: “If you are holding off to buy a Mac to save a measly $129, you can’t afford a real computer. Otherwise, get your Mac now and buy and install Leopard in October.”

    Hey, big talker, why don´t you buy us all a copy of Leopard in October? Just because your momma will pay for yours does not mean you need to be talking down people that have to watch their finances.

  5. You could view it that OS X isn’t delayed in terms of their being a problem with it. More that the iPhone would have been delayed had they not reallocated OS X resources. Hopefully the iPhone is just because it’s amazing as opposed to there being a problem.

  6. The slip makes Apple look a little foolish, only because just recently they said it was on schedule.
    However, the real concern is if there are no “top secret” features in the end… Jobs will really look foolish then and Apple will take some knocks.

  7. Not to fret, the delay to October still allows Apple to deliver Leopard by Spring 2007 as promised.

    If you’re in Australia. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”hmmm” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Anyone who thinks of US$129 as “finances” has much more pressing problems than a 4-month OS delay.

    What are you, 8-years-old?

    I spend more than $129 on 18-holes of weekday golf.

    $129 is less than a good meal for two. $129 is like 1/6th of my monthly vehicle lease.

    In short, $129 is pocket change. Meaningless. If I dropped it down the storm drain, I probably wouldn’t even notice it, much less care.

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